Did you know a katana sheathed in a plunger could be used to harvest car parts and brick walls? Fortnite teaches us something new every day ....

How to Get the Fortnite Plunja Harvesting Tool

Did you know a katana sheathed in a plunger could be used to harvest car parts and brick walls? Fortnite teaches us something new every day ....

Unlike its more realistic and straight-faced counterpart PUBG, the Fortnite experience is all about injecting a hefty dose of silliness into the 100-player Battle Royale style. Whether fighting off cartoon zombies, building walls in 0.5 seconds, or rocket riding a pumpkin to victory, you can be sure Fortnite is going to offer a pretty wild ride.

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As with the previous Funk Ops Outfit and Disco Brawl harvester (yeah, it’s what it sounds like — a disco ball hammer used for brawling), there’s a new tool in the shop that you probably wouldn’t have expected: Fortnite‘s Plunja.

The freshly added Plunja (not to be confused with a Plumbus) lets all you melee-focused players harvest resources in style … if you’ve got the V-Bucks to buy it!

Fortnite Plunja Harvester 

We’ve got a serious Dead Rising scenario going on here, where two items that do not belong in the same sentence somehow got slapped together for a hilarious combination. Gotta love that Plunja tagline of the “competition circling the drain!”

If you don’t mind a classic weapon with a strong cultural and historical significance getting slammed into a toilet cleaning tool, then the Plunja can be yours at the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop for a mere 800 V-Bucks. Once you buy it, it remains yours forever, even after the item is removed from the shop.

Don’t forget — you can earn more V-Bucks without spending money by either completing daily Battle Royale challenges or by completing quests in the Save The World game mode.

V-Bucks are actually pretty easy to come by in that particular mode, so long as you aren’t spending them as quickly as you get them by buying loot llamas. Unfortunately, the Save The World mode isn’t free at the moment, however, and must be bought in early access.

The plunja fortnite's newest ridiculous weapon “Realism” isn’t what we’re going for here!

As with the Disco Brawl tool, the Plunja doesn’t actually harvest resources any quicker or deal more damage against opponents, so you don’t get a leg up over the competition by spending V-Bucks.

This is strictly a cosmetic item for distinguishing your faceless Battle Royale cannon fodder from the other 99 meat bags getting ready to die in the next match. You do want to die while looking awesome, though, right?

The new Plunja and Mogul Master outfits are only going to be featured for the next two days in the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop, so jump on them while you still can!

Not everyone is super stoked about the odd combination of items, though, as the forums have started filling up with comments like the one below, accusing the developers of a certain lack of cultural sensitivity. A full-on boycott of item shop entries seems to be brewing among a small segment of the player base.

What do you think — is a katana stuck in a plunger going too far, or are players just being overly sensitive and looking for a reason to be offended? Let us know your take in the comments below!

Is Fortnite's plunja culturally insensitive? Some think so.

There’s a whole lot more coming to Battle Royale besides just samurai swords smashed into toilet plungers as more limited-time events are released. Be on the lookout for the Fortnite Valentine’s Day events and upcoming Blitz Mode, due to land soon!

Quite a few new areas, items, weapons, and limited-time events have been unveiled lately, so if you need to get up to speed, be sure to check out our other Fortnite BR guides here:

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