Character looting an Enforcer AR in Fortnite.
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How to Get the New Enforcer AR in Fortnite

Find out how to get and mod the Enforcer AR in Fortnite.

The holiday season is over and Winterfest is but a memory. However, new loot and weapons have arrived in Fortnite thanks to the January 2 update. The Enforcer AR is one you’ll want, and it without a doubt packs a punch. Find out how to get and use it here.

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How to Get the Enforcer AR in Fortnite

I think one of the things that keeps Fortnite balanced is the game’s randomized loot system. You’ll have to drop in and hope for the best when it comes to getting weapons. The Enforcer AR is no different and is found randomly throughout the Island. So, you can find it in treasure chests, ground loot, and from fallen enemies.

However, since there are a variety of rarities, it’s not necessarily challenging to come across one. I found an uncommon Sharpshooter Enforcer AR and Enforcer AR in the Classy Courts location. So, odds are you’ll come across one relatively quickly. Considering the gun is a new addition, Epic Games will be sure to have it available across the map.

Enforcer AR Rarities and Stats

Character looting a Sharpshooter Enforcer AR in Fortnite.
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The Enforcer AR is available in all varieties. Furthermore, there’s a scoped version called the Sharpshooter AR that comes equipped with a P2X Optic scope but maintains the same stats. Notably, you can mod the base Enforcer AR at a weapons mod bench to add a scope or change its baseline stats. Here are all Enforcer AR rarities and stats.

  • Common
    • DPS: 126.4
    • Damage: 32
    • Magazine Size: 25 
    • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Uncommon
    • DPS: 130.35
    • Damage: 33
    • Magazine Size: 25
    • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Rare
    • DPS: 138.25
    • Damage: 35
    • Magazine Size: 25
    • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Epic
    • DPS: 146.15
    • Damage: 37
    • Magazine Size: 25
    • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Legendary
    • DPS: 154.05
    • Damage: 39
    • Magazine Size: 25
    • Fire Rate: 3.95

How to Mod the Enforcer AR

While the Enforcer AR can be used like any ol’ AR in Fortnite, you might be wondering about the best mods for the gun. After having the chance to use the gun, I’ve got some tips and tricks to improve the new AR at a modding bench. Here are the best mods for the gun.

  • P2X Optic
    • 2x Scoped View
  • Drum Magazine
    • Increases magazine size.
  • Suppressor
    • Dampens gunshot audio and reduces muzzle flash.
  • Vertical Foregrip
    • Improves ADS recoil and spread.

Items Removed in the January 2 Update

Unfortunately, new weapons and items like Flowberry Fizz mean that some things have gone into the vault, namely anything that was available during Fortnite‘s Winterfest holiday event. Here’s everything removed in the January 2 update:

  • Snow Flopper.
  • Snowball Launcher.
  • Holiday Presents.
  • Sneaky Snowmando.
  • Icy Grappler.
  • Grappler.

That’s how to get and use the Enforcer AR in Fortnite. Looking for more guides? Be sure to check out our Fortnite guides hub here. We’ve got articles on how to play the battle royale on a Chromebook, as well as how to get particular items and skins — and a ranking of the best XP maps you should definitely play to blaze through your Battle Pass.

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