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How to Get the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2

Learn how to get the symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2 and what it does.

One of the most exciting aspects of Spider-Man 2’s gameplay is the black symbiote suit and the abilities granted by it. Let’s talk about how to get the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2 without spoiling too much.

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Getting the Symbiote Suit will introduce a brand new skill tree and various abilities Peter can unlock. You won’t have to do anything special to get it as it comes naturally to you through the story.

How to Get the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2

The point where you get the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2 is in one of the first confrontations with Kraven the Hunter. As we mentioned, this means that you won’t have to complete any special challenges or secrets. It’ll be naturally unlocked by following the main story at about the halfway point throughout the game.

More specifically, you’ll be playing Peter Parker and reach a mission called “Good Men.” The mission includes characters like MJ, Curt, Harry, Peter, and of course Kraven. Without delving too much into what exactly happens, the confrontation with Kraven leads to Peter receiving the suit from someone else.

Once you get it, the game will have a mini introduction to the suit’s new abilities as you fight a couple of goons. Finishing the quest will unlock it fully for Peter but not when you switch to Miles as he has his own bioelectric skills.

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What Is the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2

This alien black symbiote will serve as a suit for Peter Parker throughout parts of the latter half of the game. The Symbiote Suit gives you access to a brand-new skill tree with special abilities. Most of them revolve around forming massive tendril attacks that are great at dealing with groups of enemies. Like the others, each one is activated by holding down L1 and then hitting the appropriate face button like L1+Square for the massive tendril punch.

Note that progressing through the Symbiote Suit skill tree is only possible during parts of the story where Peter wears it. Not before or after. We say this because, at one point, Peter will lose the suit and unlock another one with different abilities. That said, completing the game will unlock the free-roam mode where you can change suits freely and equip the symbiote to have fun with it.

We hope this guide on how to get the symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2 has cleared up some confusion about unlocking it. It’s part of the main story and you’ll naturally acquire it by playing the game. Check out our other Spider-Man 2 guides for more information, tips, and walkthroughs on the game.

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