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How to Go Shirtless in 2K24: Removing Your Shirt After Rookie 3

Here's how to join an Affiliation, reach Rookie 3, and go shirtless in NBA 2K24.

Taking off your shirt is a badge of honor to show off in the lobbies. Why? It requires just a bit of grinding. You must reach Rookie 3 after playing a bunch of games and unlocking the no-shirt cosmetic. Here, I’ll tell you how to go shirtless in NBA 2K24.

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How to Join Elite or Rise in NBA 2K24

Removing your shirt takes some grinding (and more than I was first prepared for). First, join an Affiliation and choose either Elite or Rise. Each has a different set of unlockables and perks, as well as a different HUB area. Rise’s area is more sea-based and aquatic, while Elite’s is more urban and features massive buildings. To join an Affiliation, I spoke to the following NPCs:

  • Elite: Chris Manning, the 2KTV Host. Win 10 games and score 100 points on Elite courts to join.
  • Rise: ShakeDown, the leader of Rise. Reach Teammate Grade B and get 50 assists on Rise courts.

Once you talk to either Chris or ShakeDown, complete a specific quest to join their Affiliation, which I detailed above. Completing the quest is only the first part of the grind. After you join either track, you unlock the Rep Up system, which you must progress to Rookie 3.

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NBA 2K24 Shirtless Skin: How to Remove Your Shirt After Rookie 3

By joining either Affiliation, you earn Rep and unlock Rep awards. Check your progress by:

  • Opening your Career Menu.
  • Going to The City section in the top bar.
  • Clicking on Elite or Rise.
  • Checking your progress with the top bar.

The ranks are Rookie 1 through Rookie 3, Starter 1 through Starter 3, Veteran 1 through Veteran 3, and finally Top 10. Rep Up by playing games for your Affiliation, and you’ll eventually reach Rookie 3. This is where you unlock the shirtless skin. When you do:

  • Go to the Career Menu.
  • Open MyPLAYER.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Equip your Shirtless skin in the Tops section.

And that’s my guide on how to go shirtless in 2K24. It takes a while as you grind to join your Affiliation and Rep Up, but it’s ultimately very simple. For more NBA 2K24 guides, check out our best shooting tips and best jumpshots.

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