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NBA 2K24: Best Shooting Tips

master shooting in NBA 2K24 with our best shooting tips guide.

The jumpshot is an art. If you’ve ever picked up a basketball in real life, you know that shooting is a difficult task and requires tons of practice to master. Even the best in the league — outside of the elite — only make about half their shots. In NBA 2K24, it’s no different. Shooting is a difficult process that many struggle with. In this guide, we’ll go over the best shooting tips in NBA 2K24 for you to stop bricking the rock and score more efficiently.

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The Best Shooting Tips in NBA 2K24

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Believe it or not, your jumpshot’s effectiveness will depend on certain settings. This is because timing is so imperative in NBA 2K24. In our previous guides, we’ve talked about settings such as Timing Stability, the best jumpshot animations, and the best speed for Shot Visual Timing cues. All of these settings play a role in helping you more consistently sink your shot.

But what else can you do to make sure you’re more efficient from the field? Below are some helpful tips that should help you score shots like Steph Curry in no time.

How to Shoot Effectively

  • Turn off the Jump Meter: As counterintuitive as it sounds, turning off the jump meter is a very good step to becoming a shooter. However, due to input lag, having the Jump Meter on will often give a false sense of where to release a shot. A jumpshot animation also already has so many visual cues in it. You should be going off of them for success. So turn off the Jump Meter and stop timing your shot by memory.
  • Upgrade your Shooting Badges: If you’re playing MyCareer, not having good enough Shooting Badges will bring down even the best, most experienced players. Some of the best badges include Agent 3, Limitless Range, and Catch and Shoot. So be sure to apply these and their perks as soon as you can.
  • Practice, practice, practice: It doesn’t matter how good the player you’re shooting with is. If you aren’t practicing, then you won’t get any better. Play single-player games. Play Mamba Moments that include shooting the ball. Or create a ProAm team online and practice the mode’s dedicated practice arena if shooting online is difficult.

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