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How to Heal Yourself in Palworld

Tired of dealing with low health in Palworld? There are some options to heal yourself.

In Palworld you don’t have to just worry about the health of your party – you need to be wary of your own HP too. While it’s easy to treat your hunger, recovering any lost health isn’t as clear of a mechanic. Here’s how to heal yourself in Palworld.

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How to Heal Yourself in Palworld

There are effectively three methods for getting back some HP: using a Pal’s partner skill, resting in a bed, or waiting for it to naturally recover. While it’s always easier in Palworld to have the members of your party deal with dangerous foes, you’re bound to lose health now and then. It helps to understand each of these options, so I’ll be breaking them all down below.

Using a Pal’s Partner Skill to Heal Yourself

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The best way to heal yourself fast in Palworld is to use a Pal Ability/Partner Skill to help out. There is a lot of variety when it comes to what your pals can do, and a handful of them can restore HP. If you want health quick, here’s who to look out for:

  • Teafant
  • Petallia
  • Lyleen
  • Lyleen Noct
  • Lovander
  • Felbat

The first four can all provide varying amounts of HP recovery. They need time to cast it though, so it can be tricky to use in the middle of a battle. The last two pals on the list operate differently thanks to their Heart Drain/Life Steal partner skills. Both will take a small percentage of any damage either you or them deal and convert it to HP recovery. These effects work on themselves too, making them one of the few sources for Pal healing. In my opinion, it’s well worth adding one of these to your party so you’re more prepared for the unknown.

Sleeping in a Bed

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This will likely be the more familiar method for anyone who’s played nearly any survival game. As long as you’re at a base and near a bed, you can lay down and start recovering health. If it’s night time, you’ll sleep until morning and wake up fully healed. Otherwise, you’ll simply need to watch your character nap away as their HP bar fills.

The obvious caveat here is that you need to be near your base. That’s not too much of an issue if you’re already close by or at least close to a fast travel point. If you’re really hurting and out in the middle of nowhere, it might be worth trying to find a fast travel point without attracting any unwanted attention. Alternatively, you can go with the third method.

Wait It Out

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The final and undoubtedly longest method is to let it recover naturally. As long as you’re not taking any damage, it will slowly increase by a few points each second. As you increase your HP stat, the time it takes will of course only get longer. I recommend trying to find an isolated area if you do decide to wait. You don’t want to spend time slowly regaining health just to lose it to a vicious enemy.

That’s everything there is to know about how to heal yourself in Palworld. If you need some extra tips for avoiding damage, I recommend adding a fast mount to your party. Everything else you need to survive in this monster and gun-filled world is available at our Palworld guide hub.

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