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How to Make Ice Cream in LEGO Fortnite – All Recipes

This tasty, cool treat comes with multiple benefits! Here's how to make some.

Food is a great way to restore health, satisfy hunger, or stay warm or cool in LEGO Fortnite. You can make all sorts of recipes using the resources in the world around you, even recipes like Ice Cream! Here’s how to make all ice cream recipes in LEGO Fortnite.

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How to Make All Ice Cream Recipes in LEGO Fortnite

There are three different types of Ice Cream you can make in LEGO Fortnite since the Mechanical Mayhem update: Ice Cream, Spicy Ice Cream, and Snowberry Ice Cream. To unlock the ice cream recipes, you’ll need to collect the most crucial ingredient — snow.

How to Get Snow in LEGO Fortnite

Snow is everywhere in the winter biome, and you can use a Shovel to collect it. However, to dig up Snow, you’ll need a Rare Shovel. A Rare Shovel can be made with three Copper Bars on a Crafting Bench upgraded to a Rare level or better.

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Once you have your Rare Shovel, head to the wintery biome with plenty of snow under your feet and equip your shovel to start digging. Hold RT/R2 or M1 to dig up the snow and add it to your inventory. You can get up to three or more pieces of Snow each time. Once you get some, you’ll unlock the recipes for Ice Cream.

Each requires different ingredients to make, but you’ll want to ensure you have the cooking station built to make them before you gather all those additional ingredients.

How to Make a Juicer in LEGO Fortnite

Before making Ice Cream, you need a Juicer Station. The Juicer is within the Build menu under Stations. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you can unlock it by making some Planks. Then, you can make the Juicer with the following materials:

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  • Planks x8 – Made on Lumber Mill with Wood
  • Marble Slabs x8 – Made on Stone Breaker with raw Marble
  • Knotroot Rod x5 – Made on Lumber Mill with Knotroot

All Ice Cream Recipes in LEGO Fortnite

Now that you have the crafting recipes unlocked, a Juicer made, and some snow already collected, you can begin making all your Ice Cream cones. Here’s how to make each using the Juicer.

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Ice CreamSnow x3
Milk x1 – From petting Cows
+5 Health
+5 Hunger

Heals more in hot
Spicy Ice CreamSnow x3
Spicy Pepper x2 – Harvested in bushes in desert biome
Milk x1
+8 Health
+5 Hunger
10-Minute Cold Resistance

Heals more in hot temperatures
Snowberry Ice CreamSnow x3
Snow Berry x3
Milk x1
+17 Health
+5 Hunger
10-Minute Heat Resistance

Heals more in hot temperatures

Ice Cream is a great treat, especially in hot areas like the desert biome. You can also use it to heal for extra health. However, making Spicy or Snowberry ice creams also helps with temperature balance. Collect plenty of snow to stay stocked up.

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