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How to Unlock Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns

Let's see how to unlock Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns and turn your team into glass cannons.

One of the most entertaining Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns and the original is probably Glass, though it is a bit tricky to acquire. Here’s how to unlock Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns.

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The aim of Glass is to essentially make you and your team glass cannons, pun intended by Hopoo. You’ll deal drastically increased damage but at the cost of your maximum HP being reduced to minimum. Let’s see how to unlock this chaotic Artifact as well as a few tips when using it.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Artifact of Glass

The Artifact of Glass makes it so that you and your team deal 500% increased damage but possess 10% of your total HP. You can find this Artifact in the Ancient Valley, the frozen tundra area which is one of the possible stages for the third level. Furthermore, the map has to be the right variation indicated by the ominous artifact gate present at the bottom-left of the level.

If you manage to spawn in this frozen wasteland with the right variation, here’s how to unlock the Artifact of Glass:

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  • Navigate to the far lower-left corner of the area.
  • Start climbing the chains and ropes in front of the cave where the artifact gate is.
  • Find a little notch in the wall that you can pass through as in the screenshot above.
  • You’ll come across the first of five buttons as in the screenshot below.
  • You need to hit all five buttons throughout this cave within a timeframe.
  • If you do, the Glass Artifact will appear on the artifact gate below.
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Note that the buttons reset every 15 seconds so it might take a few tries. To retry, simply climb back up to the secret passable wall and start over with the first button. I recommend playing the Loader for this since he can hit two buttons at the same by setting up his Tesla Coils skill. Furthermore, his grappling gauntlet allows for excellent mobility in the cave.

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Items You Want With Artifact of Glass Active

Besides your HP drastically being reduced, the Glass Artifact also disables one-shot protection. This is that faint overlay over your health bar that protects you from being one shot above 90% health. Therefore, I recommend prioritizing items that boost your defense and survivability like the following:

  • Tough Times: Get tons of these plushy teddy bears as the increased armor will act as a sort of pseudo one-shot protection.
  • Infusion: The maximum health increase will help offset your reduced HP.
  • Guardian’s Heart: We love shields.
  • Dio’s Best Friend: If you can grab it, you can imagine how welcome revives are on 10% max HP.

Furthermore, on-kill items like the Chargefield Generator, Will-o’-the-wisp, or Ceremonial Dagger are highly useful due to your increased damage. If you don’t mind using the Artifact of Command, I would recommend employing it to guarantee some of the more crucial defensive drops. At the end of the day, the fun of Glass lies in the danger so a Command Artifact might trivialize your run somewhat.

We hope this guide on how to unlock Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns has been useful to you. If you want to approach a run with the dread of that just beyond the corner, Glass can be so much fun with friends. For more helpful articles, check out our Risk of Rain Returns guides page and our review on the game.

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