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How to Unlock HAN-D in Risk of Rain Returns

Smash enemies into pulp with the robot janitor, let's show you how to unlock HAN-D in Risk of Rain Returns.

Our favorite robot janitor is back in Risk of Rain Returns in all his melee-smashing glory. A frontline survivor, it’s all about melee combat here, while stunning and knocking enemies back. Here’s how to unlock HAN-D in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock HAN-D

HAN-D can sustain himself decently with his custom drones, though he can struggle without crucial items. That said, he’s an incredibly fun take on a tanky robot character, so let’s see how to unlock him.

This robot janitor is a bit tricky to recruit for your roster since he’s located exclusively in the final level. You can’t unlock him passively. Instead, you must manually find him in one of the cargo areas of Contact Light before the final boss fight.

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From your spawn point, navigate to a lower cargo area marked “Cargo 2.” It’s always on the left side of the ship. I recommend looking for a vertical stack of multi-colored containers, as in the picture above. Once you find them, there should be a gray container with a damaged door at the bottom that you can interact with. Approach it, open it, and HAN-D will be freed and unlocked as a survivor for future runs.

Alternatively, HAN-D can also be found in one of those same gray containers with a damaged door hanging from a ceiling, like in the picture below. This hanging gray container spawns in a variation of the final level.

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HAN-D’s Abilities Detailed

As we mentioned, HAN-D specializes in melee combat and crowd control with his stun attacks and knock-ups. His default skills are as follows:

  • Hurt: A melee attack that does decent damage.
  • Drone: A drone projectile that attacks enemies at range and returns to heal you.
  • Overclock: A power-up that boosts attack speed and enables your attacks to stun enemies.
  • Forced Reassembly: Deal heavy damage around you and knock enemies up.

As with any melee character lacking mobility, proper movement and picking your opportunities to attack are crucial. Even though you’re tankier than most survivors, you don’t want to get overwhelmed by a large crowd since enemies hit much harder than you. I recommend finding the best moment to knock enemies up and move in with Overclocked attacks while using Drones to heal back up.

Now you know how to unlock HAN-D in Risk of Rain Returns. This robot janitor is excellent at setting up a group of enemies for your allies to pick off at range. For more articles like this one and other guides like beginner tips, check out our RoR Returns guides game hub.

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