How to Unlock Vaults in Minecraft: How Trial Vaults Work

Minecraft now has Vaults. But how do they work?

vault inside of trial chamber
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The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update will have a brand-new feature: Vaults! Like chests, Vaults reward you with special items when you find them. However, there are a few “key” differences. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to unlock Vaults in Minecraft and how Trial Vaults work. 

How to Open Vaults in Minecraft

The Vault is the most recent addition that was announced to be coming in the anticipated 1.21 update, set for mid-2024. You find Minecraft Vaults in new structures called Trial Chambers. These provide you with special items like armor, weapons, emeralds, and more.

Once you enter a Trial Chamber, you face a multitude of challenges. Completing these trials gives you Vault Keys, which are used to open the Vaults at the end.

Image via Mojang

How Trial Vaults Work in Minecraft

Minecraft Trial Chambers are meant to give more players more rewards. I’ve come across far too many looted temples in online servers and gotten nothing in return, as I’m sure you have. This has been a common problem ever since Temples were added all the way back in 0.13.0. This new feature fixes that issue. An unlimited number of players can complete and loot Trial Chambers.

While all players can complete Trials to obtain Vault Keys, accessing the loot inside each Vault, each player can only loot the Vault once. Every chamber is also procedurally generated so you’ll have a brand new experience each time you enter one.

Trial Chambers also introduce a brand-new mob called The Breeze. These enemies look like little tornados and shoot rapid blasts of wind that blow you back. Stay aware of your surroundings, since there are traps that they can knock you into.

Image via Mojang

That’s how to unlock Vaults in Minecraft and how Trial Vaults work. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated MC guides hub for topics like the 10 best Minecraft modpacks with quests and the best Minecraft skin editors.

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