How to Unpin Favorite Recipes in Enshrouded

Find out how to unpin favorite recipes in Enshrouded here.

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There are dozens of Enshrouded recipes that unlock as you play and craft items. Some are logical and straightforward, while others can be hard to remember. Pinning recipes to keep track of what you need will become common. But how do you unpin your favorite recipes in Enshrouded?

How to Unpin Favorite Recipes in Enshrouded

Unpin your favorite recipes manually by heading back to the crafting station that you pinned it with. You can easily pin a recipe by selecting it from a crafting menu and hitting “F” on PC. The pinned recipe appears in the upper-right corner of your screen, displaying all ingredients and tracking your progress. I often use this feature, so it didn’t take me long to realize that completing recipes doesn’t automatically unpin them.

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How to Keep Track of Crafting Recipes in Enshrouded

When it comes to keeping track of ingredients, the best way to do so is with a Magic Chest. The Magic Chest lets you craft from storage so that you’re making the most of your efforts. I know I’m not alone in saying that it’s a quality-of-life feature that’s a must for all crafting games. We’ve got a full guide detailing how to make a Magic Chest here.

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I’ve come across challenging moments throughout Enshrouded. Whether it’s the red shroud or an enemy fight, there’s a chance I’ll suddenly fall dead. While you don’t drop everything when you die, you lose all crafting materials. So, I recommend placing crafting ingredients into storage as often as possible. You can retrieve lost items from your tombstone, but they’ll sometimes be out of reach in the red shroud.

Lastly, if you’re seeking crafting ingredients in the Shroud, make the most of your time there. You can increase the time you can survive the Shroud by upgrading your Flame Altar, learning Shroud Time skills in the skill tree, or using Shroud Survival potions. The potions increase your survival time by two minutes. You can craft a Shroud Survival potion flask at the Alchemist with x1 Charcoal, x1 Shroud Liquid, and x1 Wood Acid.

That’s it for how to unpin favorite recipes in Enshrouded. We’ve got plenty more for you to discover at our guides hub, like how to make Fired Bricks and more.

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