How to Use Manual Drift in Mario Kart Tour

Here's how to use manual drift in Mario Kart Tour to get mini turbo boosts.

Here's how to use manual drift in Mario Kart Tour to get mini turbo boosts.

Wondering how to use manual drift in Mario Kart Tour? By default, the simple drift system is turned on, which makes it extremely easy to perform while getting mini turbo boosts.

The game is set up to be extremely mobile-friendly, so it works as a casual experience. But not all players want to go that route. Looking for more actual gameplay and less easy driving? Let’s take a look at how to turn on manual drift!

How to Use Manual Drift in Mario Kart Tour

To switch from simple to manual, tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the main menu.

From there, just scroll down and tap Manual Drift to turn the box yellow.

So how exactly do you use manual drift?

With automatic drift, you just drag your finger left or right and your driver will drift in that direction, eventually initiating a mini turbo boost if you drift long enough.

With manual drift, there’s an extra layer and an additional tap required.

Swipe either left or right to start moving, then release your finger to hop. As your driver performs the slight hop animation, tap your finger back down and hold to initiate the manual drift.

So now the real question: why even bother? What’s the point in making the game slightly harder by using manual drift?

Other than playing a bit more like the non-mobile version of the game, manual drift allows you to extend to a third tier of turbo called the ultra-mini turbo boost.

When going from mini turbo to supermini turbo, your sparks will change from blue to yellow. When you transition to an ultra turbo, you should see a double ring of purple sparks.

If you manage to land these by holding the drift long enough, you earn extra points, which can mean the difference between hitting that fourth and fifth star for a course. Or it could be the boost you need to get to a higher tier in ranked matches.

Personally, I prefer the simple automatic drift since it keeps the game simple and fun, but your mileage may vary. Have you managed to hit an ultra mini turbo yet? Let us know int he comments! 

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