Need to upgrade your arsenal on your quest for the all the Zombies In Spaceland Easter eggs? With a little effort you can grab the Shredder pistol that pucks a serious punch!

Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide: Shredder Wonder Weapon

Need to upgrade your arsenal on your quest for the all the Zombies In Spaceland Easter eggs? With a little effort you can grab the Shredder pistol that pucks a serious punch!

Infinite Warfare’s new Zombies In Spaceland mode features a wealth of hidden Easter eggs, secret wonder weapons, and even more curiosities to be discovered if you take the time to look.

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One such secret “wonder weapon” is the Shredder, an energy handgun that can deal some serious damage. To unlock this weapon you need to acquire three separate parts; an alien doll, a battery, and a red crystal.

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Alien Doll

This one’s time consuming but actually fairly easy to acquire, as you just need three red Souvenir Coins randomly dropped while killing zombies. Head into the restrooms area of the Kepler System to find a souvenir machine and input your three red Souvenir Coins to get an alien doll.

You can only hold one at a time, so either deposit it immediately and go out looking for more if you are playing solo or have three people with red Souvenir Coins all input them at the same time for a multiplayer match.

The Alien Doll Souvenir

Red Crystal

Head to the ticket station next to the Polar Peak entrance and spend 300 tickets to get the Arcana Core for your current gun. Travel to the Pack-A-Punch projection room (if you haven’t unlocked this location yet, see our guide here) and activate the UFOs inside by shooting them with your gun.

Now leave the projection room and run to the Chromosphere ride in the Kepler System. Get a large group of zombies following you and flip the switch to turn on the Chromosphere so it starts swallowing zombies. Wait for the UFO you unleashed to start circling around the Chromosphere ride.

Now start gunning down zombies (using the Arcane Core weapon) and you will see a streak of purple light fly from each zombie to the UFO. 25 – 30 zombies later, the UFO will drop a flaming red upgrade to pick up.

 Flame Element

Now with the flame upgrade in hand, your Arcane Core gun will shoot fire bullets, which are needed to acquire the crystal.

Wait for a Brute to spawn (the giant green headed alien) in any given wave and run over to the slamming crocodile mouth trap. Lure the brute under the trap so it drops down and several of the teeth shatter.

                                              Trapping The Brute

With the teeth broken, go back to the arcade area and spend 300 tickets to buy the Golden Teeth (located in the display case by the guitars).

Return to the crocodile and insert the Gold Teeth to reveal a new machine inside the crocodile mouth. Use your fire element weapon to shoot the red dots on the machine to unlock the red crystal component.

 Shooting The Red Crystal


To get the battery, first you need a pair of sunglasses dropped randomly by zombies. Travel to the waterway area and equip the sunglasses, which will  turn the screen black and white and make an invisible log raft appear on the waterway (you may have to sit and wait a minute for it to arrive).

 Invisible Raft

Wait for the raft to nearly pass by, then zoom in with your gun and shoot the battery sitting on the back. Take the glasses off and then head up to the fountain area just above.

Grabbing The Battery

Watch the green, purple, and yellow fountain sprays until you see the battery pop out of one. Grab the battery as it flies up with the spray.

Head into the basement and insert your three items into the Shredder station laying on its side on the floor. The Shredder is finally yours!

 Finally Getting The Shredder

Now have fun shredding the limbs off zombies! Let us know when you finally manage to unlock this wonder weapon, and be sure to give us any tips on other ways to unlock the Shredder if you’ve found them!

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