Looking for an edge against the Kaiju? Our tips will have you well on your way to saving the world in Kaiju Wars.

Kaiju Wars Tips and Tricks Guide

Looking for an edge against the Kaiju? Our tips will have you well on your way to saving the world in Kaiju Wars.

There’s a lot to love about Kaiju Wars. From the campaign writing, campy cast of characters, and retro style, this turn-based tactics game has a lot going for it. While the game does a good job of introducing its features and giving hints from mission to mission via the advisors, there’s a bit it doesn’t go over that you ought to know.

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This Kaiju Wars tips and tricks guide will help you in your battle against the beasts, covering everything from building placement to deckbuilding and planning escape routes.

Science is King

Filling all of the breakthrough stars for a mission is the ultimate win condition on every map, though it’s not always the fastest way to win. The construction of labs and offices and the selection of scientists is important.

You can also earn a breakthrough star by physically defeating a Kaiju, so if you’re able to do so with your military forces, it can help speed things along. It’s important to place your science-producing buildings out of harm’s way, as well as to try to keep buffer forces between them and the Kaijus when possible. 

Make Use of Special Units

After a bit of progress, you’ll get access to special units via your science research buildings. These units are powerful and do not require money to bring online; instead, they only require time to be constructed on your lab tiles. If you find yourself with a special research card in your hand, play it ASAP. And if (when) your special unit gets destroyed, you can research it again at the lab much like how you can repair destroyed military units at their appropriate bases. 

Ace Units are a Must

Ace units function similarly to your base units. The exception is that they can be upgraded. You can upgrade these units before taking on missions with the medals you get from completing missions. Upgrades include damage for both ground and air, counter damage, and speed. 

One of the first upgrades should invest points into is the speed stat, which will allow you to close the gap between your forces and the Kaiju much quicker. While you can only have one of each type of ace unit on the field at a time, you can repair them when they are damaged and get them back into the fight just like regular troops. 

Once you have upgraded the speed of your ace units, it’s best to upgrade their primary damage type (air damage for AA for example) to maximize their effectiveness in their specialty. While it’s nice to use units against all threats, units are specialized to specific threats for a reason. Don’t forget that you can reset your upgrades so you can spec out your ace units based on available troops for the mission if needed. 

Deck Building and Freeplay

Upgrading your ace units can get expensive as it uses medals from completing missions and meeting special mission requirements. Some missions allow you to replay them in freeplay mode for additional medals, but freeplay requires you to build your own deck of event cards. As you advance through missions in Kaiju Wars, you’ll unlock more event cards for building your deck, which can make some of the earlier freeplay missions a breeze.

When it comes to building decks, it’s important to see if there are any troop restrictions for the mission. You can see the available troop types in the top right-hand corner of the mission screen. You should also take into account how the mission played out before and how you could improve the deck.

If a mission has a lot of open build tiles, consider adding cards to build labs for faster science research or instant base building cards. If economy is a struggle, add some economy cards and some special unit cards to fill the gaps. For missions with low breakthrough ratings, I like to stack science lab cards and cards that give instant science, like Work Through Lunch. There is a limit on repeat cards in your deck based on rarity, so be mindful. 

Build Tactically

Kaiju are fairly predictable with their movements, moving towards the closest building to smash it to pieces. You can use this to your advantage by constructing buildings tactically to draw the Kaiju in a particular direction, giving buildings like your labs more time to stack science for the win. 

You can see the prediction of a Kaiju’s next movement phase, as well as possibly targeted buildings, on the UI, so use that to your advantage to place obstacles in its way. The name of the game is slowing down the Kaiju and keeping them away from your important infrastructure, so it’s best to not clump important buildings up together in order to give yourself a fighting chance. 

Plan Your Escape Routes

You might find your scientists in need of relocation either because a Kaiju is closing in on their position organically or from a data breach compromising their position. You can have your scientist evacuate from their lab and move to another available lab to continue working on breakthroughs at a any time. 

The trick is to construct buildings so that you can chain transports during relocation to minimize the number of turns your scientists are not in a lab. There is no breakthrough gained with them on the run. Buildings that allow chaining of transports include harbors, army bases, air bases, and labs, so build with escape plans in mind when you are able to.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you to survive and thrive in Kaiju Wars. Just remember to build strategically and invest in special units and their upgrades, and you should have the Kaiju defeated or on the run in no time. For more, check out our Kaiju Wars review.

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