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Lethal Company: How to Fix Failed to Export Profile Error

Lethal Company and mods go hand in hand, but an exporting error might prevent you from sharing mods with friends. Here's a possible fix.

Whether you’re looking to increase your lobby size or get more emotes, Lethal Company mods can offer double the fun as you try to meet your quota. However, you might run into the “failed to export profile” error when you try to share your mods with friends. Here’s a possible fix.

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Why Can’t I Export Mods for Lethal Company?

Sharing your mods in Lethal Company is relatively easy. As noted in our guide on installing mods, you can usually use the Thunderstore Mod Manager to export your loadout as a code that you can easily give to your friends. That way you can have identical profiles while playing.

Unfortunately, most of the community is running into a “Failed to Export Profile” error when they try to do so. The message doesn’t give too much to go on as far as causes. But as I investigated, I discovered this is primarily a problem on Thunderstore’s side of things, which makes sense since it’s affecting a good portion of the playerbase. Therefore, it’s likely not an issue with your hardware.

Possible Solutions to Fix the Failed to Export Profile Error for Lethal Company Mods

Export Profile as a File

Thankfully, sharing your mod loadout as a code isn’t your only option. Instead, try exporting your profile as a file. Here are the steps you can take to do so:

  • Launch the Thunderstore Mod Manager app.
  • Select your profile for Lethal Company.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Export profile as a file.” You’ll find it right under “the “Export profile as a code.”

Once you have the file, you can send it to your friend. They can import it easily by following these steps:

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  • Launch the Thunderstore Mod Manager app.
  • Select Lethal Company.
  • Choose “Import/Update” and then “Import new profile.”
  • Select “From file” and choose the mod profile.

As you can tell, it’s nearly identical to exporting and importing a code. Several players have noted on Discord and the game’s subreddit that this helps them bypass the error. I’m happy to report it worked just fine for me, too. It’s a good solution, at least until there’s an official fix from the Thunderstore developers.

Check if the Thunderstore Servers Are Down

I also recommend checking if the Thunderstore servers are functioning properly. Maintenance, server stability, or other connection issues could impact your ability to manage your mods smoothly.

The best way to see if there’s a widespread outage is to browse the Lethal Company subreddit where the Thunderstore devs are pretty active, Steam forums, the Lethal Company Modding Discord group, or the Thunderstore discord.

That covers everything you need to know about how to fix the “Failed to Export Profile” error for Lethal Company mods. Thankfully, the developers are aware of the issue, so a fix should be on the horizon. For more LC content, check out our guides on how challenge moons work and all weather conditions you’ll encounter.

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