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Lethal Company: How to Get and Use the Extension Ladder

The ultimate weapon in Lethal Company, here's how to get and use the Extension Ladder.

The Extension Ladder is another piece of equipment that can help you navigate the treacherous moons of LC. It’s useful for crossing gaps that cannot be jumped over otherwise. In this guide, I’ll go into how to get and use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company.

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How to Get and Use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company

How to Get the Extension Ladder

This versatile piece of equipment can be bought using the Terminal’s store function for a meager 60 credits.Once you buy it, it’ll come in a small red and black box. The best part about it, besides the uses which we’ll cover below, is that it weighs nothing. You can carry it around without trouble and place it wherever you wish.

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How to Use the Extension Ladder

Whenever you wish to deploy the Ladder, simply place it on the ground with the left mouse button. It’ll then extend upwards and once it reaches its maximum height, it’ll fall forward until it reaches an object. Some popular uses are deploying it in front of a gap to cross or to climb unreachable vertical surfaces.

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I’d advise care when deploying the ladder in front of crewmates as it will kill them if it falls on them. This isn’t a problem inside of the ship since it’ll usually hit the roof, but take care when outside. I’ve yet to test out whether the ladder kills any monsters.

Now you know how to get and use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company. It’s a pretty versatile piece of gear that you can easily carry around and deploy when needed. You can find more LC guides here like how to emote or how to get the bigger lobby mod.

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