Lost Ark Engravings Explained

Find out how to obtain, activate, and improve your Engravings with the help of our guide to Lost Ark.

Find out how to obtain, activate, and improve your Engravings with the help of our guide to Lost Ark.

Many RPG games utilize such accessories like rings, amulets, and other items to improve character stats. But Lost Ark has gone even further in this regard, introducing the Engravings system, which applies additional effects to accessories, as well as ability stones.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Engravings in Lost Ark. You will find out how to obtain, activate, and improve your Engravings, as well as learn about all the best Engravings for each class.

Engravings Related Quests in Lost Ark

Before diving into the world of Engravings in Lost Ark, it is recommended to complete the two related quests, such as:

  • Try Out Engravings
  • The More Engravings the Better

Both quests will explain how to use Engravings, as well provide you rewards that contain them.

You can do the first quest by simply speaking to Legendary Adventurer in any big city, and the second one can be done, while speaking to Guide Labrisha in the Training Zone.

Types of Engravings

Engravings can be applied to your rings, earrings, amulets, and ability stones.

There are two types of Engravings in Lost Ark:

  • Combat Engravings
  • Class Engravings

Combat Engravings are universal and can be used by anyone, while Class Engravings can be used only by their respective classes.

As of now, there are 43 Combat Engravings and 30 Class Engravings, two per class, in Lost Ark in total. These can be subdivided into Normal Engravings with positive effects, and Negative Engravings with negative effects.

All Engravings also come in four different rarities, including:

  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (orange)

Engraving Levels and Points

Each Engraving has three levels or tiers that can be unlocked using Power Nodes (PN). You can see which Engravings and how many PNs you have by selecting the “Engraving” tab in the character build menu.

Each of the three tiers makes the Engravings more and more powerful, adding to the given effect. You will notice that these tiers have their own subdivisions that have five power slots.

The Engravings can be upgraded by investing 5x PNs into each tier, which makes up the following progression:

  • Engraving Tier 1 = 5x PN
  • Engraving Tier 2 = 10x PN
  • Engraving Tier 3 = 15x PN

Note that Engraving becomes active only when at least the first tier has all five power slots unlocked.

PNs are directly embedded in the accessories you collect and equip, such as rings, amulets, ability stones, etc. Different accessories have different amounts of PNs, so try to look out for ones that have the highest number of PNs attached to them.

You can also earn Engraving Bonuses by collecting Engraving Pouches and Engraving Chests. These contain both the recipes for Engravings and Power Nodes that make them stronger.

All these can be earned as rewards for completing unique island quests in Lost Ark.

Improving Engravings With Ability Stones

Ability Stones add up to the power of your Engravings just as much as your accessories, but you can’t equip them right away, as first you need to learn how to facet ability stones.

Once you obtain the ability stones from quests, you need to find the Ability Stone Cutter NPC, who can be found in the gear update area of any big city.

The stone cutter will be able to facet your ability stone for 150 Silver per one improvement, but do note that this process has only a certain percentage of a success rate, so you may get it or you may not, which is determined by the RNG.

One successful improvement equals one Power Node to your Engraving. You can give this a try as many times as you want, if you have enough Silver in your possession, until all power slots are filled.

When that’s done, you can equip your ability stone into the dedicated slot at the character screen.

Best Engravings in Lost Ark

All players should mainly focus on their specific Class Engravings and activate those before applying Combat Engravings.

Here is the recommended list of Combat Engravings for each class in Lost Ark:

  • Berserker: Cursed Doll, Keen Blunt Weapon, Raid Captain
  • Destroyer: Super Charge, Grudge, Duel Price
  • Gunlancer: Barricade, Adrenaline, Cursed Doll
  • Paladin: Adrenaline, Cursed Doll, Spirit Absorption
  • Bard: Awakening, Expert, Emergency Rescue
  • Sorceress: Precise Dagger, Hit Master, Adrenaline
  • Wardancer: Master of Ambush, Keen Blunt Weapon, Adrenaline
  • Scrapper: Adrenaline, Master of Ambush, Grudge
  • Soulfist: Awakening, Adrenaline, Master of Ambush
  • Striker: Master of Ambush, Keen Blunt Weapon, Adrenaline
  • Deathblade: Adrenaline, Master of Ambush, Sight Focus
  • Shadowhunter: Adrenaline, Hit Master, Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Sharpshooter: Loyal Companion, Hit Master, Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Deadeye: Master of Ambush, Adrenaline, Spirit Absorption
  • Artillerist: Adrenaline, Keen Blunt Weapon, Hit Master
  • Gunslinger: Hit Master, Adrenaline, Keen Blunt Weapon

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