Lost Ark: A Nose for News Quest Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough of A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark with exact locations and instructions.

Some quests in Lost Ark are designed better than others, but some quests make players guess too long and don't give clear instructions on what to do exactly. One such example is "A Nose for News" main quest, which offers some excellent rewards in terms of gear and money, but is really difficult to complete if you have no idea where to go.

Our guide will offer players a complete "A Nose for News" quest walkthrough in Lost Ark. Simply follow all the steps listed below, and you will finish this quest in no time and be able to follow through with the rest of the main campaign.

How to Complete A Nose for News in Lost Ark

Speak to Origins of Stern NPCs

In order to start "A Nose for News" quest players need to speak to both NPCs located in the Origins of Stern headquarters in the Arthetine region, who can be found on the spot indicated by the marker on the map above. These NPCs are:

  • Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman
  • Reporter Mathias

From them, you will learn about the Technologist, who is up to no good, so you will be asked to investigate the suspicious case and make headlines in the news.

Once asked, if you want to join, your response should be "Of course!". Then, you will be directed to the region of Nebelhorn for further investigation.

Investigate Nebelhorn

Before investigating the anomalies in the Nebelhorn, you need to speak to Lab Directo Yulia, who can be found in the Nebelhorn Lab, located in the center of the Nebelhorn region.

She will explain to you that some of the measurements in the Nebelhorn Oasis are extremely abnormal, and she will ask you to take new measurements to be sure.

Then, you need to travel to the three markers indicated on the map above in the northern part of Nebelhorn, and investigate these areas. These investigations will reveal the abnormal levels of temperature and magick, as expected.

Speak to the Technologist

Here comes the trickiest part of the entire quest, the one which keeps so many players guessing what to do.

You need to reveal the suspicious presence and uncover the location of the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee. Here's what you need to do exactly:

  1. Go to the red marker indicated above
  2. Use Magick Flow Detector next to the bones scattered near a cactoo
  3. Scan until you receive the "Follow the suspicious presence" pop-up message on the screen
  4. Go to the yellow marker on the map outside of the quest zone
  5. Use Magick Flow Detector again near a waterfall

If you did everything right, then this should reveal the presence of the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee. At first, he will refuse to tell you anything, so you need to investigate him by using an "Interrogate" emotion.

At this point he should tell you everything about his misdeeds, and that's how you complete the hardest part of this quest.

Go Back to Nebelhorn Lab

With all the information you discovered, you need to go back to the Nebelhorn Lab and speak to Lab Director Yulia once again.

Then, approach the Communicator in the lab and use it to speak to Reporter Mathias.

Finally, you should speak to Sasha, so teleport back to the Origins of Stern. You can find her in the norther part of the Town Hall.

When she receives the news about the end of the mission, she will grant you the following rewards:

  • 2x Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • 4x Splendid Shard Chest
  • 6x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • 290 Roster XP
  • 1,800 Silver

One Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest contains 100x Guardian Stone Fragments.

A Splendid Shard Chest contains 1x Harmony Shard Pouch.

And finally, one Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest contains 10x Destruction Stone Fragments.

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