Improve your loadout and strategy by using only the best hunter perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Hunter Perks

Improve your loadout and strategy by using only the best hunter perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt.

The best hunter perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt will generally come down to your playstyle, but some are better all around than others. Hunter perks come in four types: mobility, survivability, support, and utility. Players can equip one of the perks within a loadout alongside a weapon and a gadget.

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Perks should definitely synergize with your other gear, as it defines how successful your match-ups go. Our guide will list only the best hunter perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt. You will learn which perks fit different loadouts and strategies, and how to choose the best perk for your playstyle.

Best Hunter Perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt


  • Type: Mobility Perk

Since Midnight Ghost Hunt is all about speed and being able to catch ghosts as quickly as possible, the Lightweight perk easily becomes the most valuable hunter perk in the game. Convenient that the starter option is actually one of the best hunter perks.

The speed boost is quite significant, allowing you to bunny hop your way through most ghost traps and maneuver during midnight.

It can be best utilized by the Harpoon Bazooka players, who focus primarily on chasing and harpooning ghosts. Salt Shotgun users will also find this perk highly suitable.

Extra Gear

  • Type: Utility Perk

Since the game doesn’t allow you to wear too many instances of grenades or C4 explosives, players must resort to increasing the number of available gear with the help of the Extra Gear perk.

Although the number of available slots increases only by one, it is still extremely helpful and saves you time since you won’t have to resupply so often.

This perk can be well used alongside such weapons like Frost Bite or Reaper, both of which are great for various situations, but may lack in damage. That’s where all those extra explosives will come in very handy.

Healing Aura

  • Type: Support Perk

This perk does exactly what you would expect from it, healing both you and hunters around you.

The healing is rather slow and doesn’t stack, but this perk may save your entire game. It is highly recommended for beginner players, who are most likely to get damaged early in the game.

Flamethrower players will find this perk to be their most valuable one, as typically they get damaged first among the hunters, while burning the ghosts out of their possessed props.

Quick Reload

  • Type: Utility Perk

Almost all the weapons in Midnight Ghost Hunt need to be reloaded from time to time. Each reload takes a bit of time, and you really want to minimize reload times, especially at moments when you’re chasing a ghost.

Quick Reload perk is one of the best hunter perks for ranged weapons, as it not only affects the weapons with magazines, but it also speeds up the cooling of the energy weapons once they overheat.

This perk would be especially effective in Spectral Cannon loadouts, where rate of fire is top priority, and you definitely don’t want things to slow down each time you need to reload.


  • Type: Survivability Perk

Ghosts have one advantage over hunters: they can see through the walls, especially at midnight phase. However, this skill can be mitigated by the Coldblooded hunter perk, which blocks ghosts from seeing you.

There is only one drawback to this perk, as it lowers your base health to 70 HP. You may also notice that your sprinting isn’t as fast as before, which isn’t that big of a deal at midnight.


  • Type: Survivability Perk

If you’re looking for a way to receive as little damage as possible, then Juggernaut is easily the best hunter perk.

Your defenses go all the way up, you become immune to stun damage, and your max HP is set at 200, which will take more than one ghost to defeat you. You become heavier than usual, which means that your speed of movement will slow down as well. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it.

But if you want to try out the role of a tanky hunter, then Juggernaut is your only decent option in that case.

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Those are the best hunter perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Midnight Ghost Hunt tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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