Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Ghost Abilities

Pick up only the best ghost abilities for your loadout with the help of our guide to Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Every ability has its place, but the best ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt stand a head above some others in their effectiveness. Some abilities, of course, are better during certain phases than others.

Our guide will list only the best ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt. You will also learn which perks fit these abilities the most, and how to use them in different phases of a match-up.

Best Ghost Abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt


  • Type: Escape Ability
  • Best Perks: Perception, Ecto-Slow

Due to the speed boost and flying, Spirit is by far the at the top of the list of best ghost abilities to escape, and for a general stealth playstyle.

It allows you to skip through rooms, buildings, and entire areas crowded with hunters without ever being seen. On top of that, you can easily dodge traps, which now constitute the main strategy of most hunters.


  • Type: Escape Ability
  • Best Perks: Blast Resistant, Heavyweight, Untrappable

Although Miasma is an escape ability, it can be used equally well in both hiding and midnight phases and stands among the best ghost abilities.

It deals damage to both hunters and equipment, and slows hunters down so they can't just bunny hop their way through an area.

It is highly recommended to use Miasma with a prop to lure hunters into your trap and deal damage to them, while they try to shoot you.

Death Grip

  • Type: Trap Ability
  • Best Perks: Ghostly Focus, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, Glutton

This ghost ability is similar to Miasma. The differences being that it is more focused entirely on trapping hunters, while Miasma has a slightly wider application.

Still, you can use Death Grip when setting up many traps in a sequence and aiming for a quick kill. Those who like to haunt doors or possess offensive props will easily find this among the best ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Just like it is the case with Miasma, you need to use some prop in order to lure hunters in, and then drop Death Grip straight on their heads.


  • Type: Distract Ability
  • Best Perks: Quickcharge, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, Perception

Many Midnight Ghost Hunt players consider Telekinesis among the best ghost abilities to deal damage due to one huge advantage: throwing props at hunters to deal lethal damage.

Note that props will have lethal power only if they are fully charged, so be sure to use Quickcharge perk with it for high damage output.


  • Type: Trap Ability
  • Best Perks: Ghostly Focus, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, Ghostly Reach

There is a debate whether Poltergeist or Telekinesis is better, but both are powerful in their own rights. The biggest difference being that Telekinesis deals more damage on its own, while Poltergeist needs to be combined with the Corruptor for maximum damage.

You can use Poltergeist on its own as well, but with reduced damage. However the distraction effect will work, as with its help you can manipulate up to four props at once.


  • Type: Trap Ability
  • Best Perks: Glutton, Heavyweight, Quickcharge

This ghost ability makes props explode once they are in contact with the hunters. That's why so many players use it in conjunction with Poltergeist and Telekinesis, an exactly why it's on this list of the best ghost abilities.

You can most definitely use it on its own, but in that case it is recommended to use Heavyweight perk, in order to maximize your damage with heavier and larger props.


  • Type: Escape Ability
  • Best Perks: Ecto-Slow, Perception, Ghostly Reach, Shatterproof

If you're still in a hiding phase and you don't want anybody to detect you, Phantom would be the best choice.

It allows you to inhabit a prop and then turn it invisible. It's not 100% invisible, but it does a pretty good job at cloaking your presence, and you can keep repeating this trick thanks to the short cooldown time.


  • Type: Deception Ability
  • Best Perks: Glutton, Heavyweight, Untrappable, Blast Resistant

The final ghost ability on our list can be very strong, but only in specific situations is it worthy of being listed among the best ghost abilities.

It allows you to mimic the presence of a hunter, and is best used mid-engagement. This gives you an opportunity for a quick surprise kill. This one takes some practice, but get it down and you'll find that it is in fact one of the best ghost abilities in the game.

Those are the best ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt. If you found this article useful, then be sure to share it with your friends online!


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Published Apr. 20th 2022

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