Minecraft: How To Build A Very Easy and Effective TNT Trap!

A Guide To Build An Easy And Effective Trap In Minecraft!
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Every play Minecraft with some friends and you want to scare them? Especially if they are inexperienced at the hit building game. This trap is sure to scare them out of their shoes! It is very simple to build and honestly is a very effective use for our friendly block of TNT! 

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Let’s Get Building! 

First, you are going to need the following items: a shovel, a lot of dirt or gravel, and a pressure plate (if you chose to go with dirt, make a wooden pressure plate whereas if you chose gravel, make a stone pressure plate) and, most importantly, TNT, and lots of it!

Second, dig straight down a good length and when you reach an appropriate depth, using the shovel and pickaxe, clear out the area surrounding the bottom of the hole. I recommend making the cove 4X4 square with the single block missing in the roof for the victim to fall through! 

Third, once you dug out a big enough area, fill in the square with TNT but leave the top two blocks of the square open for the victim to fall into.

Finally, using either the jump tactic or any other way, get out of the hole but make sure there is two blocks free of TNT once the victim falls into the trap. Once you are out of the hole, cover the second block from the top of the hole with TNT and place a block of either gravel or sand on top of the single piece of TNT. Place your pressure plate on top of the gravel or sand and wait.

How Does The Trap Work?

When your victim walks over the pressure plate, it will send a redstone signal to the TNT supporting the gravel or sand. From there the TNT will drop (leading your victim to drop with it) into the giant hole of TNT and when the already activated block of TNT explodes, it sets off a chain reaction, exploding the TNT stash in the hole! 

This is a really fun trap for those looking to trap new players (or experienced players, if you are lucky) and mobs.

How Are You Going To Use This Trap?

Who are you planning on trapping? Let us know in the comment section! 

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