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Minecraft: The Best Y Level for Diamonds

Diamonds are both beautiful and strong. Here are the best Y levels to mine them.

Diamonds are highly sought-after materials since they can make some of the best tools, weapons, and armor. However, they’re rare and hard to find. If you’re having difficulty finding these shiny stones, I’ll show you the best Y level for Diamonds in Minecraft

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The Best Y Level for Diamonds in Minecraft

How to Prep to Mine Diamonds

Before you start mining for Diamonds, you’ll need to do a little bit of prep work. The two main things you’ll need are an Iron Pickaxe and some Torches. Diamonds can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe; sorry — no stone versions here!

You’ll also need Torches so you’re not stuck in the dark. Alternatively, you could craft Night Vision potions, as well, depending on the resources you have available (I prefer Night Vision so I don’t have to place torches everywhere). Lastly, I would also recommend bringing a sword for any mobs you come across.

What to Look For When Mining Diamonds

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When you’re mining for Diamonds in Minecraft, one of the signs that you’re on the right level is if you come across lava. However, if you’re looking for more specifics, Diamonds can be found anywhere between Y-levels -53 to -63. Be cautious, though, since you’ll also find a lot of lava starting on -54. If you want to be extra careful, stay on Y -53 to reduce your chances of falling into a lava pit. 

I found that if you mine along the Y -53 level and stumble across some Diamond ore, it’s best to dig around the ore first in case there’s a pool of lava below. This will save you the trouble and heartache of finally finding those precious diamonds, only to have them drop in the lava. 

How to See Coordinates in Minecraft

To show the coordinates while you’re playing all you have to do is press F3 on Windows or Fn + F3 on Mac and they’ll pop up on the left side of the screen. 

That’s the best Y level for Diamonds in Minecraft. For more tips and guides, such as numerous lists of the game’s very best seeds per version, where to find cool skins, or various articles on how to craft specific objects, check out our dedicated MC guides hub.

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