Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Piercing Claws

Wondering how to get a Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise? Wonder no more with the help of this MHR guide.

Wondering how to get a Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise? Wonder no more with the help of this MHR guide.
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Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise are a High-Rank material, so you’re going to have to take on some High-Rank monsters if you want to get your hands on some. That’s expected since you’re making High-Rank armor with this crafting material. By the time you reach this point in the game, you just can’t craft HR gear using Low-Rank materials.

This Monster Hunter Rise guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting Piercing Claws, including their locations and which monster you can get them from. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Piercing Claw Locations

A pretty long list of armors, such as pieces of the Bone S set and the Nargacuga S set, and a smaller list of weapons, like the Golem Blade and Kamura Gunlance, require at least one Piercing Claw to craft. The Ludroth S gear, in particular, requires a few to craft.

Luckily, getting Piercing Claws isn’t that difficult. Five High-Rank monsters can give you a Piercing Claw at the end of the quest:

  • Jagras
  • Izuchi
  • Ludroth
  • Uroktor
  • Rachnoid

Since Piercing Claw is a High-Rank material, meaning you need to slay these monsters at High-Rank. These monsters at Low-Rank will not drop PIercing Claws, so don’t bother farming them in hopes of getting these items.

If, for some reason, you are having a difficult time getting Piercing Claws from the monsters listed above at High-Rank, try capturing them instead of slaying them. This is done easily enough using a Shock Trap on the monster when it is low, then spamming a few Tranq Bombs on its face to knock it out.

Piercing Claws are one of the earlier High-Rank crafting materials you’ll need to get for crafting HR gear. Do be aware that some materials must be obtained via Meowcenaries, so make sure you keep them busy on Expeditions as you continue on your hunts.

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