Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Stargazer Flowers

How to get your hands on some Stargazer Flower in Monster Hunter Rise.

Not all materials are created equal in Monster Hunter Rise. While most of the ones you need for your personal equipment can be found on hunts or expeditions, sometimes you need a little help from your Buddies to get special materials for crafting. One such item is the Skygazer Flower, which you won't find on your hunts at any point.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get a Stargazer Flower

Stargazer Flowers are most notably used for the Edel equipment set, which boasts a 3 in poison resistance, which can be a boon in particular fights. It's a bit more straightforward to get the other materials for the Edel set, while the flowers can be a bit of a noggin' scratcher.

Your Buddies are the key to getting your hands on a Stargazer Flower or two, specifically your Meowcenaries.

In the Buddy Plaza, you can send your Buddies out via the Meowcenaries feature to bring back items, a handful of which only being procurable via the Meowcenaries feature.

Stargazer Flowers can be picked up by your Meowcenaries when you send them on expeditions to the Frost Islands, but only with specific nodes. When choosing where to send your Buddies, you will want to go to locales with:

  • Small monsters
  • Rare herb nodes (you'll see the herb icon, but it will be sparkling)

If you're really gunning for these flowers, send multiple Buddies on the Meowcenaries expeditions trying to get them, and be sure to use a Lagniapple to really boost your chances. If you're lucky, your Buddies should come back with at least one Stargazer Flower for you to use in your crafting efforts.

That's all there is to say on how to get Stargazer Flowers — it's really not that hard, is it! Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here.

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Published Mar. 29th 2021

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