Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern Locations

How to complete the Roly-Poly Lanterns village quest in Monster Hunter Rise.

One of the first village quests you can take on in Monster Hunter Rise is Roly-Poly Lanterns, a quest sending you out into the Shrine Ruins to collect Firelanterns for decoration.

There's an important lesson to be learned from this quest if you didn't read the tutorials thoroughly enough: pay attention to the map.

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern Locations

If this is your first quest, the map for the Shrine Ruins won't be filled out yet. You'll have to traverse the area to reveal the map, which you should do first just to get it done. The area is gorgeous, and there are plenty of materials to collect while you're out here.

I mentioned a lesson to be learned if you're not sure what to do here, and it's just a little bit more than "pay attention to the map." The Firelantern locations are already marked with green dots on your in-game map.

I had picked the one to the southeast up before taking the picture to the right, so the marker is a little different from the others.

You won't have to go to every spot to get all eight Firelanterns, as they give varying amounts of the item per node. That said, you will have to familiarize yourself with using the Wirebug to get up to certain spots to gather the plants. Don't be afraid to spam it as best you can, either. Sometimes it's just the easy, lazy, janky way to get where you're going.

Be sure to gather at any honey, bonepiles, and mining outcrops you find along the way to get yourself started stockpiling materials for equipment and potions.

That's it for how to find Firelanterns in Monster Hunter Rise, take this as a lesson to read the tutorials and to keep track of the minimap as this could honestly throw anyone off the first time around. Keep an eye on GameSkinny as we grow our Monster Hunter Rise guides!

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Published Mar. 26th 2021

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