Part 1 (letters "A" through "M") of a pretty comprehensive all cats guide list for Neko Atsume.

Neko Atsume all cats list part 1 – Letters “A” through “M”

Part 1 (letters "A" through "M") of a pretty comprehensive all cats guide list for Neko Atsume.

Neko Atsume‘s adorable felines have kept players across the world hooked on the game. Their cute little faces, unique personalities, and penchant for lazily sitting around a stranger’s house and yard are more than enough to get people to keep coming back.

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There are a lot of cats in Neko Atsume — nearly 50! And it can take a long time to get all of them to pay you a visit, not to mention give you a memento as a present.

This list aims to give you most of the information you need to draw each cat to your home and even includes each cat’s information like appearance, personalities, and mementos. 

You are currently on the first part of the Neko Atsume all cats guide list, which covers cats with names beginning with letters “A” through “M”. If you’re looking for cats with names that start with “N” or above, check out the second part of my all cats guide list.

Note 1: Items that have multiple colors or patterns like “Bucket (Red)” are listed here as “red bucket”. Items where there are multiple colors a cat likes such as Bucket (Red), Bucket (Blue), and Bucket (Yellow) are listed here together like “red, blue and yellow bucket” to save space.

Note 2: The food each rare cat requires isn’t mentioned here. If you want more detailed info on rare cats, take a look at my rare cats guide. I also have listed detailed memento information if you’re interested in more information on your cats’ tokens of affection.


Appearance: Tortoiseshell
Personality: Wild at heart
Power level: 180
Memento: Teaser toy tip
Preferred items

Large shopping box, cardboard house, cake box, green cushion, cardboard choo-choo, woven and pink hammocks, two and three-tier cat trees, cat metropolis, cat condo complex, bureau with pot, “I, “T”, “U” tunnel pieces, mouse and bunny kick toys, mister mouse and dragonfly, pile of leaves, planter, cowboy hat, scratching log, scratching post, heating stove, kotatsu

Billy the Kitten (Rare)

Appearance: Western wear
Personality: Nihilistic
Power level: 250
Memento: Lucky coin
Preferred items

Cowboy hat

Bob the Cat (Rare)

Appearance: Adventurer
Personality: Outdoorsy
Power level: 40
Memento: Antique compass
Preferred items

Cat metropolis


Appearance: Brown tabby
Personality: Insatiable
Power level: 140
Memento: Fish-stick board
Preferred items

Earthenware pot, fruit basket, purple, green, and yellow pillows, thick cooling pad, gift box, cardboard cafe, watermelon ball, small shopping box, sheep cusion, sakuramochi cushion, cat metropolis, beach umbrella, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex, fish, bunny, and saury kick toys, pile of leaves, heating stove, kotatsu, pink and green cat macaroons, glass vase, cat pancake, goldfish bowl, butterfly swarm, arabeqsue blanket, burger cushion


Appearance: Brown & white tabby
Personality: Laid back
Power level: 30
Memento: Hourglass
Preferred items

Gift box, small shopping box, paper umbrella, glass vase, wood pail, twisty rail, basically any type of cushion, modern and nature tents, cardboard choo-choo, cardboard house, yellow rubber ball, dice cube, pom-pom sock, cat metropolis, two-tier cat tree, kotatsu, space heater, pile of leaves, cat pancake, cowboy hat, plastic bag, paper bag, arabesque blanket, bureau with pot


Appearance: Calico
Personality: Carefree
Power level: 50
Memento: Damp matchbox
Preferred items

Earthenware pot, goldfish bowl, cat pancake, cowboy hat, heating stove, kotatsu, lacquered bowl, cat metropolis, plastic bag, luxurious hammock, yellow, pink, and woven hammocks, arabesque blanket, pom-pom sock, ball of yarn, warm sock, tiramisu cube, navy blue cube, brown, purple, and green cushions, cardboard house, cardboard cafe

Chairman Meow (Rare)

Appearance: Camouflage
Personality: Boorish
Power level: 111
Memento: Dog tag
Preferred items

Earthenware pot


Appearance: Brown tuxedo
Personality: Indecisive
Power level: 45
Memento: Dice
Preferred items

This cat likes pretty much any item you could put out.

Conductor Whiskers (Rare)

Appearance: Railway uniform
Personality: Vigilant
Power level: 50
Memento: Hand-written ticket
Preferred items

Twisty rail, cardboard choo-choo


Appearance: White calico
Personality: Friendly
Power level: 195
Memento: White calico
Preferred items

Temari ball, small shopping box, purple pillow, snowy pillow, sakura pillow, maple pillow, silk crepe pillow, sakuramochi cushion, green cushion, pink hammock, woven hammock, luxurious hammock, sheep cushion, cow tunnel, doughnut tunnel, pink and green cat hammocks, cat pancake, navy-blue cube, orange cube, dice cube, cardboard choo-choo, art deco cat tree, cat condo complex, wild-thing teaser


Appearance: Orange tabby
Personality: Lady-killer
Power level: 150
Memento: Seashell earring
Preferred items

Scratching post, “U” tunnel, space heater, kotatsu, blue rubber ball, soccer ball, small shopping box, watermelon ball, brown and green cushions, thick cooling pad, snowy pillow, large shopping box, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, cowboy hat, two-tier cat tree, cat metropolis, art deco cat tree, cardboard choo-choo, silk crepe pillow, cool aluminum pad, thick cooling pad, yellow hammock, glass vase

Frosty (Rare)

Appearance: Straw coat
Personality: Sensitive
Power level: 5
Memento: Thaw-proof snowman
Preferred items

Bureau with pot, blizzard tent, any pillow, thick cooling pad


Appearance: Tuxedo
Personality: Diligent
Power level: 150
Memento: Raffle Ticket
Preferred items

Pink cat macaroon, lacquered bowl, soccer ball, cardboard truck, cardboard cafe, purple and green pillows, beige cushion, silk crepe pillow, snow sled, earthenware pot, scratching log, panel heater, lacquered bowl, cardboard choo-choo, black head space, head space, two-tier cat tree, art deco cat tree, kotatsu, small hot mat, zanzibar cushion, fish kick toy, cool aluminum pad


Appearance: Red with white mitts
Personality: Bashful
Power level: 60
Memento: Clean handkerchief
Preferred items

Plastic bag, pile of leaves, paper bag, pickling pot, fruit basket, snow sled, ball of yarn, orange cube, maple pillow, sakura pillow, yellow cushion, snowy pillow, large shopping box, cake box, cowboy hat, glass vase, lacquered bowl, wood pail, carp tunnel, mister dragonfly, carp tunnel, arabesque blanket, kotatsu, modern red tent, blizzard tent, nature tent, burger cushion, dice cube, sheep cushion, bureau with pot, fish-stick tunnel, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, “T” tunnel


Appearance: Tortoiseshell tabby
Personality: Sore loser
Power level: 155
Memento: Scuffed dime
Preferred items

Busy bee, wing-thing teaser, glass vase, clay pot, baseball, cardboard truck, snow sled, earthenware pot, kotatsu, butterfly swarm, art deco cat tree, three and two-tier cat trees, cat metropolis, yellow pillow, zanzibar cushion, soccer ball, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo, brown and yellow cushions, cardboard house, bean bag, cat condo complex, bureau with pot, wild-thing teaser, space heater, large hot mat, panel heater, heating stove

Guy Furry (Rare)

Appearance: Apron
Personality: Artisan
Power level: 30
Memento: Custom Rolling Pin
Preferred items

Glass vase, heating stove

Joe DiMeowgio (Rare)

Appearance: Baseball jersey
Personality: Team player
Power level: 28
Memento: Signed baseball
Preferred items


Kathmandu (Rare)

Appearance: Hunting Coat
Personality: Refined
Power level: 150
Memento: Fine quality writing brush
Preferred items

Temari ball, lacquered bowl

Lady Meow-Meow (Rare)

Appearance: American shorthair
Personality: Diva
Power level: 100
Memento: Novelty sunglasses
Preferred items

Luxurious hammock


Appearance: Grey & white
Personality: Expensive tastes
Power level: 100
Memento: Dirty toy animal
Preferred items

Cat pancake, goldfish bowl, glass vase, kotatsu, twisty tail, panel heater, small hot mat, art deco cat tree, bureau with pot, carp tunnel, temari ball, cardboard cafe, snowy pillow, black head space, pink and green cat macaroons, earthenware pot, lacquered bowl, scratching log, zanzibar cushion, blizzard tent, basket case, baseball, cardboard house, silk crepe pillow, cardboard choo-choo, sakura pillow, head space, paper umbrella, bean bag, pom-pom sock


Appearance: White mackerel
Personality: Determined
Power level: 130
Memento: Child’s wristband
Preferred items

Art deco cat tree, sakuramochi cushion, kotatsu, burger cushion, thick cooling pad, wing-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, baseball, fish kick toy, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, cardboard choo-choo, heating stove, butterfly swarm, mister mouse, mouse kick toy, paper bag, small shopping box, red rubber ball, ping pong ball, ball of yarn, toy capsule, stress reliever, soccer ball, gift box, scratching post, cat metropolis, glass case, cardboard truck


Appearance: Pointed
Personality: Aloof
Power level: 170
Memento: Flower bookmark
Preferred items

“I” and “T” tunnels, 3D tunnel, panel heater, small hot mat, mouse kick toy, pickling pot, scratching log, scratching board, glass vase, kotatsu, scratching post, wing-thing teaser, purple and yellow pillows, cardboard choo-choo, cat condo, mister mouse, butterfly swarm, ping-pong ball, sakura pillow, snowy pillow, silk crepe pillow, maple pillow, bean bag, toy capsule, temari ball, marble pad, pink cushion, cat metropolis


Appearance: Mackerel tabby
Personality: Lazy
Power level: 160
Memento: Used hand warmer
Preferred items

Yellow, green, and purple pillows, cake box, panel heater, scratching board, kotatsu, fruit basket, blue rubber ball, small shopping box, marble pad, glass vase, earthenware pot, planter, large hot mad, heating stove, art deco cat tree, colorful sock, zanzibar cushion, yellow and pink cushions, cool aluminum pad, giant cushion, pom-pom sock, wood pail, cowboy hat

Mr. Meowgi (Rare)

Appearance: Ronin
Personality: Mentoring
Power level: 250
Memento: Odd wooden charm
Preferred items

Scratching log, sakura pillow

Ms. Fortune (Rare)

Appearance: Gold
Personality: Charismatic
Power level: 20
Memento: Gold coin
Preferred items

Cardboard house

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