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Palia: How to Catch Ancient Fish

Ancient Fish is an Epic rarity marine animal you can catch in Palia.

Ancient Fish is a fish from the time of humans in Palia. Locked away with the Vault of Waves, it’s released back into the waters of Kilima as you progress through the main story. You’ll need to hunt down this specimen to complete the Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector and Master Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector Accomplishments. Here’s how to catch Ancient Fish in Palia.

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How to Catch Ancient Fish in Palia

Unlike the other creatures you can fish up, you need to do a bit of legwork to get Ancient Fish to be included in the waters of Kilima Valley. Specifically, you need to complete at least one bundle in the Vault of Waves. As you do this, a click will sound with a notice stating something has happened. I completed the Spooky Bundle first, but others have gotten it unlocked when others were initially done.

Speaking with Einar after confirms that a fish from ancient times has been released. It also finishes what appears to be another hidden quest called Something’s in the Water. It rewards 60 Renown, so speaking with Einar is pretty profitable.

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Once Ancient Fish is in the ecosystem, you’ll be able to start trying to catch it. It’s is an epic finned friend that spawns in Kilima Lake at any time. It only likes Glow Worms, so you want to be well stocked on those before trying to reel it in. According to the Palia wiki, players have been seeing it once every 50 casts. That puts it on a similar level to catching the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish.

Ancient Fish, once caught, sells for 410 gold, with the Star quality price going up to 615 gold. You can use it in any recipe that calls for fish, or store it away. When I catch a star one that’ll definitely be going in my house.

That’s how to catch Ancient Fish in Palia. If you need to know the locations of other fish, want to know how to get all the different recipes, or need help with any other quests, swim over to our guide hub. We have a variety of walkthroughs to assist with whatever it is you may need.

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