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Palia: How to Catch Spitfire Cicadas

Spitfire Cicada is an often asked for weekly want in Palia. Here's how to catch one.

There are a number of bugs you can catch throughout Bahari Bay and Kilima Valley, but that doesn’t mean they’re all easy to catch. Indeed, locating the rarest of the tree lounging insects can take effort. Here’s how to catch the Spitfire Cicada in Palia.

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How to Catch Spitfire Cicadas in Palia

Spitfire Cicadas are one of the three currently available cicadas you can catch. Known to relax on trees — instead of in them like bees — these little buggers can be startled easily. They can disappear before you even figure out they were nearby.

You’ll most likely be looking for them to fill a request from Hodari, as the Spitfire Cicada is a loved weekly want item because it reminds him of Najuma.

  • Spitfire Cicadas appear in Bahari Bay during the day. Bahari Bay is a large area, but this bug can be found across Hideaway Bluffs, Pulsewater Plains, and above Pavel Mines.

Spitfire Cicada Hunting Tips

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Spitfire Cicadas blend in quite well with their chosen tree, the Sapwood. Their red and orange coloring resembles the foliage exactly. When hunting for one, it’s best to look at the bark of the tree about halfway up from the ground. This is the easiest way to spot these bugs whether they’re on a tree or flying through the air.

When you have one in your sights, you can throw a smoke bomb while it’s on the tree. I use Sneaky Smoke Bombs so I have less in my inventory, but a Sticky Smoke Bomb first would stop it from flying away. It isn’t the fastest flyer, but it’s not slow either.

Buzzy Jar

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The Buzzy Jar is my favorite skill item in the whole game. Like other items that aid in your search for rare resources, when activated, all rare or epic bugs around you will have their location pinned to the UI. This is my crutch when I go bug hunting since I can quickly find those that will drop silk and earn me the most gold. It also doesn’t take a lot of expensive resources to craft.

  • Uncommon Bug x3
  • Lightbulb x2
  • Silk Thread x2

You want to activate the jar in the areas where Spitfire Cicadas usually spawn. Azure Stonehopper is the other rare insect that you’ll typically find here, so there’s a good chance the UI will point you straight to the cicada you’re after. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve gotten one, so it’s definitely worth it.

That’s how to catch a Spitfire Cicada in Palia. A rare insect, it can be hard to find. Dropping silk thread, worth a decent amount of gold and a great present for Auni, this bug is one to stock up on. For more bug locations, how to cook, or what the best garden plot layouts are, check out our extensive guides library.

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