Palia: How to Get Silk Thread

Silk Thread is needed for quests and crafting in Palia. Here's how to get it.

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There are many different foraging items found in Palia, all of which are necessary crafting components for other items. One of them is silk thread, and aside from its material use, you’ll need it to complete a quest called Louder Than Words. Thing is, it’s hard to come by, especially in large amounts. Instead of wasting your time searching for it, here’s how to get silk thread in Palia.

How to Get Silk Thread in Palia

Currently, there’s only one way to get silk thread and that’s to go bug hunting. Much like seeds can drop when chopping trees, silk thread can drop when catching certain bugs.

  • The insects you want to focus on are rare and epic spawns, specifically beetles.

My greatest success in collecting silk thread has come from capturing Princess Ladybugs near Kilima Lake. It’s a rare critter, but has proven quite consistent in dropping the material. Other players have found success from catching bugs that spawn under mining nodes, like the Scintillating Centipede.

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If you want to request Silk Thread from other players, you’ll need to have found at least one before it shows up in your list of potential request items.

How to Get Silk

Mentioned above, silk thread can be used in different quests. It’s main use, however, is in crafting to make silk at a Fabric Loom. Unlike Leather and Fabric that come with the Loom, you have to get to Level 6 in Furniture Making to unlock it. Tish sells the Silk recipe for 1,500 gold.

To create one piece, you’ll need five silk thread. It takes 10 minutes to make the material. Silk is a liked item for different villagers, especially Jel and Eshe who value the finer things in life. It’s also used to craft higher tier furniture items.

  • Bellflower Bed
  • Capital Chic Bed
  • Moonstruck Bed
  • Moonstruck Nightstand
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If you don’t like any of those furniture collections and already have enough Silk to for weeks worth of gifts, it makes a great selling item. Just one piece sells for 145 gold. If you’re leveling up your Insect Catching skill you can probably sell a large amount of silk in no time. This is a great way to boost your money.

If you’re hurting for the resource, it’s time to get bug hunting. That’s how to get silk thread in Palia. For more item locations, our full insect catching walkthrough or how to complete different quests, check out our game guide hub. It’s growing just like your garden.

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