Palia: How to Complete Magical Mystery Machine

Zeki's Friendship Quest has you searching for shining bugs in Palia.

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If you’re starting to become good friends with Zeki in Palia, you’ll have gotten his Level 3 Friendship Quest, Magical Mystery Machine. He’s a tinkerer by nature and needs a little help finishing up his latest invention. While he doesn’t say what it is, he does state he’s testing it for safety. Here’s how to complete Magical Mystery Machine in Palia.

How to Complete Magical Mystery Machine in Palia

When you first hit Friendship Level 3 with Zeki, you’ll be able to chat with him about his hobbies. Not only does he sell inventions, but he also tinkers. Currently working on a new project, he asks you for help in ensuring the final product is safe and well-made.

To begin, bring him a metal that reacts with Flow. You’d think this is Palium, but it’s actually Iron. Present the Grimalkin with an iron bar, which he confirms is the right metal. You’ll need to bring him five Iron Bars to complete the machine.

Afterward, he asks you to bring him a shining bug or fish to power it. He also mentions that a glow worm doesn’t cut it due to the amount of energy it has. Originally, I thought this referred to Star quality bugs. That wasn’t the case. Specifically, he wants one of the following:

  • Paper Lantern Bug
  • Bahari Glowbug
  • Energized Piranha
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The easiest to obtain is the Paper Lantern Bug. It’s a common insect found in Bahari Bay, especially along the coast at night. Return with your prize, and he’ll ask you to join him in his room to test out the machine. This is when you get his key.

Head to Zeki’s house at night, where he introduces you to the Magical Mystery Machine, the Douplifier. It takes an input, in this case, a bag of Apple Seed, and doubles it. The machine works wonderfully, and you’re left two bags of Apple Seed richer. That also completes the quest.

For helping him out, Zeki also gives you:

  • Star Golden Salmon x1
  • Gold x600
  • Renown +25
  • Increased Friendship

That’s how to complete Zeki’s Level 3 Friendship quest, Magical Mystery Machine, in Palia. For help with other friendship quests or how to start found item quests, check out our guide library. We’ve also got a section on romance, one on crafting, and so much more.

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