Palia: How to Find Vampire Crabs

Vampire Crabs are needed to complete the Vault of Waves in Palia.

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Not only do Vampire Crabs sound cool, but they’re a rare find in Palia. One of the water creatures caught with smoke bombs, you’ll need to hone your bug catching skills to find success. In this guide we’ll go over exactly how to find Vampire Crabs to complete weeklies and achievements in Palia.

How to Find Vampire Crabs in Palia

Why Catch a Vampire Crab

There are a few uses for Vampire Crabs:

  • One is needed for the Vault of Waves.
  • Catching a Vampire Crab is also part of the Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector and Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector achievements, which award you Renown upon completion.
  • They are a weekly want of Einar, and something he loves to receive in general.

It also seems like an item Kenyatta would enjoy given its name. If you’re not giving it away to someone or using it for the vault, you can sell the crabs for 145 gold. A star quality crab, though a bit harder to snatch, sells for 217 gold. Not a bad return for a single critter.

Where to Find Vampire Crab

Vampire Crabs currently only appear at one place. You’ll find them on the beaches of the Flooded Fortress in Bahari Bay, though they don’t always spawn. Head there during dusk or night to see if one is roaming the sands. You’ll be able to tell it’s a Vampire Crab due to its black back and darker red coloring on the legs versus a regular Bahari Crab.

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How to Catch a Vampire Crab

As a rare critter, you’ll need to use whatever you have available to catch it. It’s pretty fast, so a Sticky Smoke Bomb is what I used. Once it was slowed I switched to Sneaky Smoke Bomb since I had more of those on hand, but you can keep to one type. I only have the Fine Belt, so my catch chance was 40%, meaning I ended up throwing about five bombs before it was stunned. I would keep a good stock of bombs and have your belt upgraded as much as possible when embarking on this hunt.

That’s how to find and catch a Vampire Crab in Palia. You can see where to find all insects in our bug catching walkthrough, or peruse our growing guide library for quest help, how to make friends with the villagers and more.

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