Palia: How to Get Garden Millipede

Garden Millipede is often asked for as a Weekly Want in Palia. Here's where to find it.

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There are a variety of skills you can level in Singularity 6’s cozy MMO, including Insect Catching. But some of these cute bugs can be hard to find, so here’s how to get the uncommon Garden Millipede in Palia.

Where to Catch a Garden Millipede in Palia

Garden Millipede is an uncommon bug, which makes it a little harder to find than the Kilima Night Moth and Spotted Stinkbug. It does, however, mean catching it counts towards a Bug Catching weekly challenge, and it can be used to craft Buzzy Jars or complete quests for Elouisa. Along with that, it’s often a Weekly Want for Auni, and you need to catch one if you’re trying to finish all the accomplishments in Palia.

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Search in Grassy Locations

While it’s an easier bug to catch, it blends right in with its environment. Found throughout Kilima Valley, the green insect is hard to see in the grass. It’s easier to see in grassless patches, but you want to keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss it. I find that it often appears around Family Farm, Remembrance Beach, and Reflection Fields. If none have spawned there, checking out other grassy areas is worth a look. Once you spot one, you can throw a bomb at it. A regular Smoke Bomb or Sneaky Smoke Bomb will work. It’s not an exceptionally fast insect, so I would save your Sticky Smoke Bombs for other critters.

Use the Honey Lure

Honey Lure is an expensive item used to attract all bugs to it for a set amount of time. Dropping this in an area where Garden Millipede normally shows up is a way to get it to spawn. You do want to use this item with others, either friends or random players on the server, considering the number of bugs that show up. This is also a good way to boost your bug-catching level quickly, catch a variety of species at once, and nab some rare insects.

That’s how to get a Garden Millipede in Palia. For our complete bug catching guide, other item locations, or our updated Weekly Wants list, head over to our guide library.

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