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Palia: How to Get Ship Fragments Guide

Here's how to get Ship Fragments in Palia to sell or for Weekly Wants.

With the village’s nonfunctioning lighthouse, shipwrecks are bound to occur, with their remains left to wash ashore. Inquisitive villagers, such as Elouisa, may ask for bits of them as a present, so here’s how to get Ship Fragments in Palia.

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Where to Find Ship Fragments in Palia

Much like Wagon Wheels and the slimy Waterlogged Boot, Ship Fragments are considered junk items. They appear in the water and can be hooked instead of a fish when casting a line. Here’s how to get them — or at least increase your chances of getting them. Indeed, they’re highly governed by RNG.

  • Set up on the coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Use a worm or no bait at all.
  • Cast your line into the water.

Avoid Star-Quality fish nodes, signified by the rippling water, as you won’t get Ship Fragments from them. I personally prefer to use no bait and fish near Windy Ruins when trying to stock up on junk items. This doesn’t waste my precious bait and gives me opportunities to bring up an item that triggers a new quest.

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How to Use Palia Ship Fragments

Ship Fragments are the only remains of the scattered wrecks you can see along the coast, and they give us some insight into what happened in the past. But there’s also a more practical use for them. Villagers may ask for them as a Weekly Want, while a handful like the remnants of shattered sea vessels enough to accept at any time. Give them to these villagers:

  • Einar
  • Elouisa
  • Jina
  • Zeki
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If you’re aiming for another target, such as a Ribbontail Ray, and reel in some debris, don’t throw it away or sell it. You never know when you need to gift one. If you have to get rid of it, you can sell it for 2 gold.

That’s how to get Ship Fragments in Palia. Whether you want to stock up on the item or need it right away, keep in mind that you’re never guaranteed a chunk o’ wood when fishing. It may take you some time to pull one up — or maybe you’ll get lucky and fish them out right and left. For other resource locations, quest walkthroughs, or how to romance your favorite villager, check out our full library of guides.

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