Palia Indexing Installed Game Files Fix

Stuck on the Indexing Installed Game Files message? Here's how to solve the issue in Palia.

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Game updates sometimes result in new or unusual bugs that you never ran into before the latest additions or fixes. However, it’s frustrating to find yourself unable to enter a game after updates. Luckily, the most reliable method for how to fix the indexing installed game files issue with Palia is quite simple.

How to Fix the Indexing Installed Game Files Issue in Palia

After the latest Palia update, you might come across a message saying, “Indexing installed game files” before the download begins.

Try Waiting It Out

Image via Singularity Six

So, the best solution for this issue is actually just waiting. For most players, waiting 30 minutes or more led to the indexing files message disappearing, and the update continued downloading normally afterwards. However, there are a few cases where this didn’t work properly, and no amount of waiting seemed to lead to the downloading portion. Even spending more than a few hours didn’t remove the message, and that’s where you know it’s an issue.

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Restart Your Computer

If the indexing files message doesn’t disappear and the Palia update won’t start, then your best option is to disable programs from automatically starting when your computer first turns on. Then, restart your computer and launch only Palia. This should work to get you past the indexing portion and onto downloading the update properly. It seems that the reason this happens could be related to memory leaks, so having Palia open without any other programs running generally works to fix this problem.

And that’s how to fix the indexing installed game files issue in Palia. With the help of these solutions, you should be able to hop back into the coziness of this MMO in no time. Or in a moderate amount of time, considering the fix revolves around waiting for the game to update. But in the meantime, head to our Palia guides hub for topics like how to check server status or how to find and chop flow trees.

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