Palworld: How Many Pals Can be in a Party?

Here's how many pals you can have your party at one time in Palworld.

A player after petting a Foxparks pal on grassland.
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The best part of exploring the world of Palworld is to do it with the monsters you caught, but there’s a limit to the number you can bring along with you. Here, I’ll tell you how many pals can be in your party, and how to switch Pals out.

How Many Pals Can Be in Your Party in Palworld?

A Pengullet on a player's party screen.
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You can have a total of five pals in your party in Palworld. You begin with zero, but it doesn’t take long before you’re crafting Pal Spheres to grow your party size. There aren’t any limitations on duplicates either, so a team full of Lamballs is okay.

The first few Pals you catch will likely include some duplicates anyway due to what’s available at the start. I do recommend mixing it up once you’re able to, though.

Don’t forget that you’re still free to catch more Pals once you have a full party. Although there aren’t any options for what to do with them after catching them, you’ll be able to find them waiting for you in your Palbox.

How to Switch Pals and Diversify Your Party

The Palbox screen showing the player's party, base, and Pal inventory.
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Visit your Palbox to change the Pals in your party. The left side of the screen displays your party, the bottom displays who you have at your base, and the center shows your boxes. You’re free to switch out as many as you want here from these three groups.

You can’t switch Pals in your party when you’re out and about, though. You must be close to your base and Palbox. Otherwise, you must return to your base and Palbox on foot or use fast travel.

That answers how many pals can be in a Palworld party. If you’re curious about making your new friends more personal, here’s how to rename them. All other questions you might need answered, such as how to fix Palworld‘s black screen issue, can be found at our Palworld guides hub.

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