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Payday 3: How to Earn Favors

Confused about how favors work in Payday 3? We break down what you need to know.

A returning series feature in Payday 3 is Favors, which were previously called Assets. These allow you to drop in specific items or change key aspects of a heist that can make things easier. It’s not clear how to unlock or use them, though, leaving plenty of heisters confused. Here’s what we know about how to earn favors in Payday 3.

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How to Earn Favors in Payday 3

It’s easiest to say that there are two types of favors that you can have — the generic kind and heist-specific ones. While generic favors fit with any mission, the latter, as their name implies, are only exclusive to one heist. Check out the links below to see how you can earn and use each type of favor in PD3.

How to Get Generic Favors

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Generic favors can be purchased through the Vendors page on the main menu. Make sure you’re on the Gage: Arms Dealer tab, and then scroll to the bottom to find the available favors in stock. Here are the four favors you can buy:

  • Ammo Bag
  • Armor Bag
  • Medic Bag
  • Zipline Bag

How to Unlock Heist-Specific Favors

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The only way to unlock heist-specific favors is as secret rewards for completing other heists. We’ve earned multiple for various heists all while grinding out the same one. However, you won’t be notified when they unlock and instead, you’ll find out the next time you’re in a lobby for a heist. They’ll appear in the Favors list along with the others.

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How to Use Favors in Payday 3

Using favors in Payday 3 is quite simple. All you need to do is click them from your list on the lobby screen. It’s good to remember that each lobby only allows one favor from each player to be used. Even if you’re playing with bots, only active players can put a single favor forward. Unlike in Payday 2, there’s no way to choose the placement for them either.

That covers how to earn favors in Payday 3. If you plan on grinding for favors, consider our guide for grinding Infamy Levels at the same time. For everything else heisting-related, check out our PD3 guides.

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