A snowman panicking over a toilet in Phasmophobia.
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Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Bleasdale Farmhouse Dancing Snowmen Locations Guide

Why struggle to complete the event, when you can just read our Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 Bleasdale snowman guide?

This one and Grafton are the most difficult maps to get through during this event. Through this guide, I’ll be going over where to find all the dancing snowmen in Bleasdale Farmhouse for the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023.

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All Bleasdale Farmhouse Snowman Locations During the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023

You’ve got 42 snowmen to contend with on the Bleasdale map, with several outdoors and over 30 more inside the walls of the house itself. This is a particularly frightening map usually, and it’s an annoying one to manually seek these out on. When I first loaded in, I got a demon who hunted me at over 90% Sanity, so I left. The next attempt brought on a ghost that hated having the power on. The next was, luckily, less eventful.

As a reminder, you need to gather the Mysterious Parts before you can hunt down dancing snowmen across seven different maps. If you haven’t done it yet, just follow my guide since it has a route to follow to get it done quickly. Once you’ve shot the last snowman, a special seasonal hunt will trigger. It’s short but can be deadly. Even if the ghost does grab you during this hunt, you’ll still get credit for clearing the Winter event objective on Bleasdale Farmhouse.

How Many Snowmen Do You Have to Find for the Holiday Event?

While we’ve got 42 to look for in Bleasdale, there are a total of 277 dancing snowmen we’re going to have to look for during the course of the Winter event. Tanglewood has 36 to look for, while both Camp Woodwind and Willow have 34 snowmen to find each. Edgefield and Ridgeview both have 38 dancing snowmen. Lastly, Grafton Farmhouse has a whopping 55 snowmen. Check out our guides behind each link to get the Phasmo Holiday 2023 event done quickly.

Outdoor Snowmen

Van Snowmen

You’ll find two dancing snowmen in and on the van. One snowman right there in the van, next to the monitor. The other is on top of the van door, you’ll see it when you leave the van and turn around.

Two snowmen outdoors at Bleasdale Farmhouse
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Outdoor Snowmen in the Front and Side Yard

There are five dancing snowmen in the front yard, though one is more to the left/eastern side of the house than the front yard and another on the right/western side. Pictured are two just to the right side of the porch, with one in the log pile and the other on a rock.

If you turn the corner around the house and walk a bit, you’ll find another snowman behind a rock. The third snowman is up on the rafters above the front porch. The last one is found above the side porch on the left side of the house, up on the lamp.

Three snowmen outdoors at Grafton Farmshouse.
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Outdoor Snowmen in the Backyard

You can find three Winter event snowmen in the backyard. The above image was taken from the far left corner of the backyard, next to the left back porch. I used four Tier 3 flashlights to try to brighten it up, but unfortunately, that didn’t work all that great. One dancing snowman is above the porch, another on a rock, and the last is on top of the scarecrow in the pumpkin patch.

A map of Grafton Farmhouse with numbers

First Floor Holiday Event 2023 Bleasdale Snowmen

Two circled snowmen at Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia
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Foyer Snowmen

You can find two snowmen easily in the foyer of Bleasdale Farmhouse.

Three circled dancing men in an office
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You’ll find three snowmen in the office next to the living room. All of them are a bit higher up.

Two snowmen in the Grafton Farmhouse living room.

Living Room Snowmen

There are two dancing snowmen in the living room, laying low in wait.

The Grafton Farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen and Dining Room

You’ll find two snowmen between the kitchen and dining room. One high up on a lamp and the other hiding on the floor by the cabinets.

The event snowmen in the workshop hallway
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Workshop Hallway Snowmen

The two snowmen in the hallway to the workshop are easy to see.

A snowman on top of a dresser
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Workshop Hallway Bathroom Snowman

There’s one Christmas event snowman on top of the dresser in the bathroom.

The snowmen in the Grafton Farmhouse workshop
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Workshop Snowmen

One of the snowmen you find in here is on top of the lockers, and the other hiding behind a plastic bin.

Second floor of Grafton Farmhouse map with numbers
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Second Floor Holiday Event 2023 Bleasdale Snowmen

Two snowmen in the Grafton Farmhouse upstairs hallway.
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Upstairs Hallway Snowmen

There are two event snowmen in the spacious hallway upstairs, both visible as soon as you reach the top.

The snowmen in the Grafton Farmhouse bathroom
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First Upstairs Bathroom Snowmen

You’ll find two little guys hanging out in the upstairs bathroom.

The snowman in the utility room during the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023
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Laundry Room Snowman

There’s only one snowman in the laundry room, up on a shelf.

Two snowmen hiding in a cupboard in the master bedroom.
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Master Bedroom Snowman

You’ll be able to find three snowmen in this room, two of which are hidden uniquely and most annoyingly. The two in the picture have to be shot after opening the cupboard, while the third is on the floor by the foot of the bed.

The snowmen in the Grafton guest bedroom in the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Guest Bedroom Snowmen

Another two dancing snowmen can be found in the guest bedroom. The one on the chair can be hard to see from the door.

Snowmen plotting over an axe in Phasmophobia
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Girl’s Bedroom Snowmen

You’ll be able to find two Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 snowmen in the girl’s bedroom. They seem to be plotting over an axe, maybe it really is best to get rid of these two!

A snowman on a toilet during the Holiday event 2023.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Second Upstairs Bathroom Snowman

There’s only one snowman to be found in this bathroom, this one panicking on the toilet.

Where the snowmen are in the Grafton attic during the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Attic Snowmen

You can find five snowmen in the attic. There are the three pictured, as well as two more on the opposite end of the room. One’s on a shelf, while another is standing on a tool holder against the wall.

That’s it for where to find all the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Bleasedale snowmen. Check out some of our other Phasmo guides, and good luck shooting those little guys! Surely, they’re up to something.

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