Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Edgefield Dancing Snowmen Locations Guide

Here's where to find all the 2023 Phasmophobia Winter event Edgefield Road snowmen.

A snowman spirit in Phasmophobia
Screenshot by GameSkinny
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The Winter event in Phasmo is intensive, to say the least! This multi-part event takes place over eight different maps and requires some sleuthing on your part. Here’s where to find all the dancing snowmen in Edgefield Road for the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event.

All Edgefield Snowman Locations During the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023

If you haven’t done the first part of this event, where you must seek out Mysterious Parts in the depths of Sunny Meadows, you’ll need to do that before you can get to shooting snowmen. I’m not totally sure how I feel about shooting these dancing snowmen with snowballs because they’re so dang cute, but it’s at least a fun side activity and is more fun than the Halloween event.

We’re working on guides for the rest of the snowmen locations on other maps for the Phasmophobia Winter event 2023, but this is our starting point. As a brief note, there’s only one image per room in this guide. But, I’ve provided maps of each floor in Edgefield Road and described where to find any dancing snowmen not pictured.

How Many Snowmen Are There in the Holiday Event?

There are 38 dancing snowmen to find on Edgefield during the Holiday event, feeding into the 277 total. Both Edgefield and Ridgeview host 38 snowmen to find. The small Willow and Camp Woodwind maps host a little less, at 34 snowmen each. Tanglewood has 36 for you to find, while Bleasdale Farmhouse has 42 and Grafton Farmhouse has 55 little nuisances. Follow our guides behind each link to get them done quickly. Have fun, and good luck out there!

Event snowmen in Phasmophobia Winter event 2023.
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Outdoor Snowmen

You’ll only find two dancing snowmen for the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 on Edgefield Road. One’s on top of the bin just near the front door, and the other is just above the awning.

Phasmo Winter event Edgefield map.

First Floor Holiday Event 2023 Edgefield Snowmen

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Edgefield Entryway Snowman

You’ll find one dancing snowman in the entryway, behind the front door and atop the coat hanger.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Living Room Snowmen

There are seven dancing snowmen in the Edgefield living room. You can see most of them circled below, but there’s also one on the sofa and another on the purple bean bag char in the corner of the room.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Kitchen Snowmen

You can find four Christmas event snowmen in the kitchen. Three are circled in the above image, with the fourth on the room’s radiator by the fridge.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Utility Room

You’ll find a lone snowman in the Utility room behind the kitchen.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Back Foyer Snowman

There’s one dancing snowman to be found in the back foyer of Edgefield, at the end of the hallway of the main floor.

Dining and Piano Room Snowman

You’ll find one snowman sitting at the piano in this room. I really thought there would be more, but it’s just this little guy. I forgot to take a screenshot of this one before I shot it, that’s my mistake. You’ll see this Winter event snowman soon enough.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Garage Snowmen

There are three dancing snowmen in the garage for you to shoot, all three are circled in the above image.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Stairway Snowman

After heading upstairs to the second floor, turn around to look at the stairs and peek this floating dancing snowman. This one’s numbered in the first map, rather than the one for this section.

Phasmo Winter event Edgefield map.

Basement Holiday Event 2023 Edgefield Snowmen

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Basement Snowmen

You’ll find two Holiday 2023 event snowmen in the basement, and two more are in the basement storage room.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Basement Storage Snowmen

These two are on either side of the room, left to right from the door leading into it. One’s up on a shelf, while the other’s also on another shelf, just lower.

Phasmo Winter event Edgefield map.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Upstairs Holiday Event 2023 Edgefield Snowmen

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Boy’s Bedroom Snowmen

You’ll find two snowmen in the boy’s bedroom just at the top of the stairs.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Nursery Snowman

I only found one dancing snowman in the nursery, above the top bunk.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Girl’s Bedroom and Bath

There are two snowmen between these rooms. You’ll find one snowman on a chair in the bedroom itself, and another in the tub inside the room’s connected bathroom.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Green Bedroom Snowmen

You’ll find two Holiday event snowmen in this room. One’s over the painting above the bed, and the other’s on the radiator behind the door leading to the hallway.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Big Blue Bedroom and Bath

You’ll find two dancing snowmen in the bedroom itself, there on the bed and another behind the door to the hallway. In the conjoined bathroom is one on the floor next to the sink.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Master Bedroom and Bath Snowmen

You’ll find three snowmen for the Phasmophobia Christmas event 2023 in these two rooms. One is at the foot of the bed, and the other two are in the bathroom. One’s on the toilet, and the other is on the soap holder above the bathtub.

Once you’ve shot all the snowmen on the map, the lights will turn off for a few moments and a special hunt will start. But with all that done, you’ve completed the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 Edgefield snowman hunt, now it’s time to move onto the next. We’ve got the rest coming, but for now, check out some of our other Phasmophobia guides here on GameSkinny,

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