Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Tanglewood Dancing Snowmen Locations Guide

There are 38 dancing snowmen to collect in Tanglewood during the Phasmo Winter event 2023.

A Holiday event 2023 snowman
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We knew another event was coming. It feels like just yesterday that the Halloween event ended. This time around, we’ve got some new tasks to handle. Here’s where to find all the dancing snowmen in Tanglewood Drive for the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event.

All Tanglewood Snowman Locations During the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023

Once you’ve collected all three Mysterious Parts, you can start the process of hunting down the dancing snowmen plaguing the halls of most of the game’s maps. The main attraction during the Phasmophobia Winter 2023 event is finding the snowmen, and it can take a long time if you’re coming into it without some guidance.

This guide is straightforward. I’ll provide a map, just like in my Edgefield snowmen locations guide and Grafton snowmen locations guide, and one image per room. If any snowmen aren’t pictured, their location will be explained. It’s simple and easy to follow. So let’s get at it, and good luck hunting for these dancing cuties. A seasonal hunt starts once you collect them all, so be prepared.

How Many Snowmen Do You Have to Find During the Holiday Event?

There are a total of 277 dancing snowmen to find between the seven event maps. Here on Tanglewood, you’ll be looking for 36 dancing snowmen, which is one of the easier ones. Willow and Camp Woodwind both have 34 each to find. Edgefield and Ridgeview both host 38 snowmen in their halls. The farmhouses hold the most, with Bleasdale having 42 and Grafton hiding a whopping 55 snowmen between its two floors. Follow through the links for guides on the other Winter event maps, and good luck out there.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Outdoor Snowmen

You’ll find three dancing snowmen before you even enter Tanglewood. That one above the gutters is real cheeky.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

First Floor Holiday Event 2023 Tanglewood Snowmen

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Hallway Snowmen

There are four snowmen in the main hallway when you enter the house. Two are pictured above. As for the other two, one’s on the floor behind the front door, and the other’s on the floor by the cabinet on the right side of the image.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Bathroom Snowman

There’s one Christmas event snowman on the floor in the bathroom.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Blue Bedroom Snowmen

You can find three snowmen in this room. Two are pictured, and one is on the floor next to the radiator in front of the door.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Nursery Snowmen

There are four event snowmen in the nursery for you to shoot. Pictured are three of them, and just behind me, when I took this image, is the last one up above the painting on the wall.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Living Room Snowmen

You’ll find four Holiday event snowmen strewn about in the Tanglewood living room.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Master Bedroom and Bath Snowmen

You can find three snowmen between the three master bedroom rooms, though none are in the little utility room. You’ll find one snowman in the master bedroom itself, and two very obviously in the attached bathroom.

Dining Room Snowmen

There are three dancing snowmen in the dining room. The one on the floor might be a little harder to find than the other two.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Kitchen Snowmen

You can find two Phasmophobia Christmas event 2023 snowmen hanging out high up in the kitchen.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Laundry Room Snowman

There’s only one event snowman on a shelf in here for you to deal with.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Garage Snowmen

You can find a total of four dancing snowmen in the garage in Tanglewood. Three are pictured, and the fourth and final one is on the floor by the trash bin in the corner to the left.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Basement Snowmen

There are four dancing snowmen to be found in the basement. Aside from the three circled, there’s one just behind where I’m standing up on a shelf.

And that’s it for where to find all the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 Tanglewood snowmen, of which there are a whopping 38 to hunt down and shoot. Once you shoot them all, a brief seasonal hunt will trigger. Be prepared! Check out our other Phasmophobia guides here on GameSkinny.

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