Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Grafton Farmhouse Dancing Snowmen Locations Guide

It's time to take on Grafton Farmhouse in our search for all dancing snowmen during the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event.

A snowman in a pot.
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We’ve got to trudge through a whole slew of maps to finish this not-so-spooky event. In this guide, I’ll be going over where to find all the dancing snowmen in Grafton Farmhouse for the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event.

All Grafton Farmhouse Snowman Locations During the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023

Grafton Farmhouse is one of the trickier maps to seek out the Winter event dancing snowmen for two reasons. The other is that some of them are sneakily placed, with a decent portion outdoors. You have to get the Mysterious Parts to put together the snowball gun you’ll need to complete the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event. Once you’ve got it in the van, you can take on the bulk of the event: hunting tiny dancing snowmen.

There’s only one image per room in this guide, hopefully fitting as many dancing snowmen into one shot as possible. Other snowmen in a room are noted in the room’s text. I’ve also marked two maps with the amount of snowmen per room, just to make things a little easier. Note that once you shoot your last snowman with the snowball gun, a brief seasonal hunt will begin. Even if the ghost kills you during this hunt, you’ll still receive credit for completing the map.

How Many Snowmen Do You Have to Find During the Holiday Event?

This one’s a lot bigger than the last event. Between all seven maps, you’ll need to find 277 dancing snowmen. Grafton holds a total of 55 snowmen within its bounds, the most of the lot. You’ll find the second most in Bleasdale, which has 42 to find. Ridgeview and Edgefield both have 38 snowmen to seek and shoot. The tiny Camp Woodwind and Willow both have 34. Lastly, Tanglewood has 36 on the property. Follow the links to get to our guides on the rest of the maps. Good luck with your snowman hunt!

Outdoor Snowmen

There are several event snowmen outdoors, I’ll be going over them in two separate categories: the front yard and the back yard.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Front Yard Snowmen

There are five dancing snowmen you can find in the front yard. In the image above, I’ve gotten each of them in one long, poorly-lit shot. Two are on the porch, while the others are spread out a bit more. The above image is taken from the front porch.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Back Yard Snowmen

You’ll find four dancing snowmen in the backyard of Grafton Farmhouse. Three are in the pumpkin patches, with two in the far corner from where the above image was taken. The third is on the back porch. For reference, this was taken from the far right corner of the property.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

First Floor Holiday Event 2023 Grafton Farmhouse Snowmen

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Foyer Snowmen

You’ll see six snowmen right in the foyer of Grafton Farmhouse, most of which visible when you’re facing the front door.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Dining Room Snowmen

There are two dancing snowmen in the dining room, with one at the piano.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Kitchen Snowmen

You can find three Winter Event 2023 snowmen in the kitchen. One’s cleverly hiding behind a curtain. Another, not so cleverly in a pot on the stove.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Downstairs Hallway Snowmen

These three are hard to miss, since they seem to be having a drink together at the table in the hallway next to the living room.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Living Room Snowmen

You’ll find three dancing snowmen in the living room, each higher up than the last.

Master Bedroom Snowmen

There are three dancing snowmen in the master bedroom, all easy to see. The snowman on the bed seems particularly comfortable.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Master Bath Snowmen

The bathroom attached to the master bedroom houses three Holiday Event 2023 snowmen, with one in the tub.

Laundry Room Snowmen

The two dancing snowmen in the laundry room are both easy to see, with the one on top of the dryer basically waving hello as you open the door. Almost too bad you have to shoot them!

Children’s Bedroom and Storage

There are a total of seven dancing snowmen between the children’s bedroom and the conjoined storage room. Five are in the bedroom itself, and two in the storage room on the floor and on a box.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Second Floor Holiday Event 2023 Grafton Farmhouse Snowmen

Second Floor Hallway and Sitting Area Snowmen

You’ll only find one dancing snowman in this area, right at the bottom of the cupboard when you walk up the stairs. I forgot to take a screenshot of this one, but it’s very easy to see.

Nursery Snowmen

There are three snowmen in the nursery. I thought I’d taken a picture of them, but it seems not. I’ll add an image for this room and the above.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Upstairs Bathroom Snowmen

You can find three Christmas event 2023 snowmen in the upstairs bathroom.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Guest Bedroom

There are three event snowmen in the guest bedroom upstairs. I don’t know who told them it was fine to hide under the beds, but it’s not.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Upstairs Storage Room

In the storage room attached to the guest bedroom are four snowmen, some low and some high. The two that are far up can be tricky to spot.

This one was grueling! That’s it for where to find all the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Grafton Farmhouse snowmen. I admit, it took a little time to find all of them. Maybe take a gander at some of our other Phasmophobia guides.

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