Remnant 2: How to Get Star Shot

Getting the Star Shot Handgun in Remnant 2 is a laborious and sometimes frustrating task.

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Getting the Star Shot Handgun is not the hardest task, but it can be one of the more laborious. Not only are the requirements to earn it somewhat obscure, but you also need to find five needles in a big haystack. Worse, because of how the game randomly generates its worlds, you might not even run into the locations and items you need. With that in mind, here’s how to get Star Shot in Remnant 2.

How to Get Star Shot in Remnant 2

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Star Shot is a secret weapon found in N’Erud. You can technically find it in either version of the world. You need access to the Dark Conduit side dungeon, which can appear in any of the four possible areas on N’Erud. It might be in:

  • The Phantom Wasteland
  • Timeless Horizon
  • The Abyssal Rift
  • The Eon Vault

You’ll find the Dark Conduit near the edges of whichever map it spawns in, down an elevator in front of an orange-lit structure with gothic-style sharp pillars atop it. Taking the elevator down reveals a giant robot held in stasis, and nearby is the entrance to the dungeon.

How to Get Star Shot Detailed

Once you’re in the Dark Conduit, look for a power relay. One of the power cells is out of place. In my version of Dark Conduit, it wasn’t far from the entrance, but depending on your layout, you might need to look a little harder. Clear the place of enemies, and once you find the dislodged cell, pop it back into place.

You’re now free to leave the dungeon and use the now-active terminal in front of the giant robot to activate it. Sadly, you’re far from done. You now need to find five stasis pods scattered around the main wasteland.

Star Shot Stasis Pod Locations

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There’s no set spawn for the pods, so depending on how good your hunting skills are, you might spend 20 minutes or more hunting the wastes. Thankfully, the pods emit a bright orange-yellow glow, making them easy to spot in the otherwise entirely gray-shaded world. Activating the pods will call the giant robot to them for pickup and transport back to its hub.

  • Return to the giant robot’s holding cell outside Dark Conduit once you’ve found the fifth and final pod.
  • Then go down to the lowest level, either by dropping down or taking the elevator.
  • The five pods (plus two more with some extra Scrap) will be open.
  • The Star Shot is on the far right pod, but you can also get the Galvanized Resupply Band ring and the Difference Engine Amulet.

The big catch about trying to get the Star Shot in Remnant 2 is both the Timeless Horizon and The Eon Vault zones. They’re locked behind a boss fight. The dungeon you need might appear in those later areas. For the sake of time, I recommend rerolling N’Erud Adventures until you find the Dark Conduit in either the Phantom Wasteland or Abyssal Rift.

I’d also say you should find and restore power to the dungeon first, as while it’s possible to collect the five pods before activating the robot, you’ll still need to wait for it to go out and collect the pods. That takes quite a bit, leaving you to either wait or wander the world some more.

And that’s how to get the Star Shot Handgun in Remnant 2. It’s less difficult than it’s time-intensive, as the main obstacle is finding the pods out in the wilderness. The weapon is also one of the most dangerous in the game. Its mod’s attack will hit everything in its radius, including you and any co-op teammates, possibly knocking you all down. If you want info on other weapons that might not one-shot an entire lobby, check out our guides on the Pulse Rifle, Labyrinth Staff, and Merciless. There’s even more in our guides hub to the game.

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