Remnant 2: How to Get Stonebreaker Weapon

Be wary of the Guardian as you attempt to claim the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 has many secret weapons, one of which is the Stonebreaker greatsword. This can only be acquired in Yaesha, and you have to find a different means of defeating the Corruptor boss. Our guide discusses how to get the Remnant 2 Stonebreaker via the Corruptor alternate kill method.

How to Get the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2

To get the Remnant 2 Stonebreaker, you must defeat the Corruptor boss without killing/downing the Guardian Construct even once throughout the entire encounter. I wrote a detailed strategy for this battle in our Corruptor boss guide. But make no mistake: the process is easier said than done.

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How to Beat the Corruptor Without Killing the Guardian Construct

The easiest way to get the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2 is by attempting the Corruptor boss fight in co-op. Make sure that everyone starts in Yaesha: The Red Throne, then proceed normally until you reach the Great Bole, where the fight takes place. Ideally, everyone should be using the Handler class, since the dog companion can taunt and aggro enemies, while also allowing for passive revival via its Prime Perk. It’s also possible for one player to kite the Guardian while the others in the fireteam focus on the Corruptor’s mouth, its weak spot.

You should jump to another platform when the Corruptor is about to shoot the Devastation Beam, which it will periodically cast once it’s below 50% HP. There’s a small window of opportunity when its mouth is open, just as the beam is scorching an entire area. Keep blasting it to deal tremendous damage.

If you’re soloing, then it will certainly be harder. I advise you to rely on the Medic class due to its healing, which can be a lifesaver due to all the damage you’ll take from the Guardian’s annoying attacks. In my case, I had to jump across multiple platforms as the Guardian kept chasing me. I also made use of the Engineer class, since its turrets were able to damage the boss while I ran and jumped around continuously.

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Reward: Stonebreaker

If you can beat the Corruptor boss without downing the Guardian even once, then you’ll receive the Hollow Heart material, which is used to craft the Stonebreaker weapon. The Remnant 2 Stonebreaker has the following features:

  • Damage: 103
  • Crit chance: 4%
  • Weak spot damage: 95%
  • Stagger modifier: 10%
  • Unique mod: Faultline – Melee charge attacks fire off ground-based shockwaves which deal high damage.

As you can see, the Stonebreaker greatsword is a really useful armament to have. Since melee weapons don’t use up mod power when you cast their perks, you can spam your shockwaves if you have enough stamina.

That’s how to get the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that the Yaesha zone has other secrets, such as Ford’s Scattergun. For other tips and strategies, you can visit our R2 guides hub.

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