Remnant 2: How to Get Ford’s Scattergun

Reveal a hidden spot in the Yaesha Red Throne library to acquire Ford's Scattergun.

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Remnant 2 has several secret weapons, which are only obtainable if you meet certain, sometimes vague, requirements. One example is the Ford’s Scattergun, a 12-gauge shotgun once wielded by the founder of Ward 13. Here’s how to get the Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2, a weapon that’s also a requirement for the well-hidden Archon class.

How to Get Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2

To get Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2, you need to obtain the Seal of the Empress and use it to open a secret floor panel in the Yaesha: Red Throne library. For the sake of clarity, it’s also the starting weapon of the Explorer class if you’ve already unlocked it and you decided to make a new character.

However, there’s only one way to obtain Ford’s Scattergun normally in a regular campaign. Below, I outline the requirements in detail:

  • Due to dynamic campaign progression, you need to make sure that you start your Yaesha run in the Red Throne area. In my case, I was in a different zone during my main campaign. As such, my only recourse was to do Adventure Mode runs.
  • Starting in the Red Throne leads you to the Eternal Empress and, eventually, the Corruptor boss fight.
  • Act in a respectful manner when interacting with the NPCs. Later, after you defeat the Corruptor, continue acting in a friendly manner and kneel before her excellency.
  • Once you receive the Seal of the Empress, go to the small library in the plaza. The floor panel will open, revealing the Ford’s Scattergun.

How to Get the Seal of the Empress

The first step to getting Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2 is by being nice to the Empress and other NPCs in the throne room. You’ll notice dialogue responses where your character tends to apologize or play it cool. Likewise, I suggest not choosing any of the replies that lead to combat. Although that nets you the Royal Broadsword weapon, that might lock you out of other opportunities later.

Continue the main quest until you reach the Great Bole area, which is where you battle against a deadly foe. I discuss this encounter in detail in our Corruptor boss guide. We also have another guide if you want to receive the Stonebreaker greatsword as a reward for the alternate kill method.

When you return to the Red Throne, continue choosing the positive/inoffensive responses and kneel before the Eternal Empress. Your reward for completing the quest is none other than the Seal of the Empress ring, which grants +20 HP and +10 stamina.

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Where to Find the Secret Library Room for the Ford’s Scattergun

Equip the Seal of the Empress and go outside to the plaza. You should see a small building, a library filled with tomes and scrolls. If you’re wearing the ring, the floor plate will slide out, revealing a small nook where you’ll find the Ford’s Scattergun.

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Reward: Ford’s Scattergun

Ford’s Scattergun has the following stats and features:

  • Damage: 130
  • RPS: 1.1
  • Magazine: 7
  • Unique mod: None

As you can see, this powerful 12-gauge shotgun packs quite a punch. However, its main use, in the long run, is to unlock the secret Archon class.

That’s how to get the Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2. For other tips and strategies, such as boss strategies, how to get various Archetypes, and puzzle solutions, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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