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Remnant 2: How to Get Tarnished Key and Ornate Key

Find the two keys in the Widow's Court dungeon in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 has many important items that you can find throughout your journey. Few have immediately obvious purposes, but some are downright perplexing. Among these are two keys that you’ll come across while exploring the forests and floating islands of Yaesha. Our guide details how to get the Remnant 2 Tarnished Key and Ornate Key, as well as what they unlock.

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How to Get the Tarnished Key and Ornate Key in Remnant 2

To get the Remnant 2 Tarnished Key and Ornate Key, you must fully explore the Widow’s Court dungeon in Yaesha. There are, however, a few facets to take note of:

  • Widow’s Court location — The Remnant 2 Widow’s Court dungeon is usually part of the Yaesha quest arc that starts in the Red Throne. You’ll travel to various areas before arriving at the Widow’s Court. If you don’t come across this area during your campaign, then I suggest doing an Adventure Run and rerolling until you start in the Red Throne.
  • Potential key spawn locations — The Tarnished Key only spawns in one location. But there are two potential spawns for the Ornate Key.
  • Possible bugs and issues — Once you arrive in Widow’s Court, do not, under any circumstances, pass through the barrier that leads to the next zone if you haven’t picked up the keys yet. The barrier takes you to the Corruptor boss fight. Although the battle itself won’t commence immediately, the keys that you need will despawn. I think it’s the game’s way of implying that your tasks are already completed, even though they aren’t.
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How to Get the Tarnished Key

Our first order of business is to look for the Remnant 2 Tarnished Key. When you first arrive in Widow’s Court, you’ll notice two sections:

  • I advise you not to bother with the path on the right-hand side, as that just leads to a door that you won’t be able to open yet.
  • Instead, check the left-hand side (i.e., the one with the building and ladders). Look for a way down, as well as a waterfall. Jump across the gap, follow the path, and look to the right. You’ll see a pond.
  • Pick up the Tarnished Key on the rocks next to the waterfall.

Later, you can head to the right side of the zone (i.e., the one with the locked door up the steps). Use the Tarnished Key to open it. As you approach the ledge, look outside to see a purple item. Do a running jump to grab the Matriarch’s Insignia. This amulet grants +35% melee damage and causes all successful melee attacks to restore +10 stamina.

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How to Get the Ornate Box

To find the Ornate Box, look to the partially submerged corridor in the pond area. You’ll notice a treasure chest and nothing else. But, if you look at the wall to the left, you’ll realize that it’s an illusion. Pass through it and ride the lift to the top. You can then pick up the Ornate Box in the royal chambers. This has the Thaen Seed inside, but you’ll need the Ornate Key to open it.

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How to Get the Ornate Key

The Remnant 2 Ornate Key can spawn in two locations. You’ll need it to unlock the Ornate Box.

  • You might find a dead Pan Minotaur Warrior near the central area with a fountain and several enemies.
  • Alternatively, the body might be in one of the small temples on the right-hand side of the zone.

I know you’re probably itching to unlock the Ornate Box that you just found. But I advise holding off. In the next part of our guide series, I discuss the rewards that you can obtain depending on whether you open the Ornate Box or leave it untouched.

That’s how to get the Tarnished Key and Ornate Key in Remnant 2. Whether you’re looking for boss strategies, where to find a well-hidden item, or find out which weapon is the best of the best, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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