Remnant 2: Should You Open the Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha?

What's in this particular container in Remnant 2? Here's whether you should open the Ornate Lockbox.

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Remnant 2 presents numerous decisions that you need to make during the course of your playthrough. Some have minor effects, but others can quite literally kill you. One of these decisions takes place in Yaesha once you’ve found the jewelry box. Our guide answers the question: should you open the Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha in Remnant 2? We’ll also detail what’s inside.

Should You Open the Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha in Remnant 2?

So should you open the Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha in Remnant 2? Opening the Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox gives you the Thaen Seed, but keeping it closed means getting a different reward from the Eternal Empress. There are also other factors at play:

  • The Ornate Lockbox comes from the Widow’s Court dungeon in Yaesha. It’s part of one of the region’s main quests, which starts in the Red Throne. If you couldn’t visit this area during your campaign, I suggest trying an Adventure Mode run.
  • At the Red Throne, you can speak to the Eternal Empress and the Attendant. Don’t select any responses that lead to combat or animosity, as those might lock you out of certain outcomes.
  • The Ornate Lockbox is also part of a task where you look for two keys. We discuss these items, as well as the Widow’s Court dungeon, in detail in our Tarnished Key and Ornate Key guide.
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How to Get the Ornate Lockbox

The Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox is found in the royal chambers in Widow’s Court. Look for a waterfall that has a pond down below it, which is where you’ll spot the Tarnished Key. Follow the corridor and pass through the illusory wall to the left of the treasure chest. You’ll then see the Ornate Lockbox on a table.

The Ornate Key, meanwhile, is used to open the Ornate Lockbox. It can be picked up next to the corpse of a Pan Minotaur Warrior. The body might be near the central area or in the small temple along the right-hand side of the zone. Note that going through the exit (i.e., the one that leads to the Great Bole area and boss fight) will make quest items disappear if you haven’t picked them up yet.

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Ornate Lockbox and Eternal Empress Rewards

There are several potential rewards depending on whether or not you opened the Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox. To see these outcomes, you must continue onward and defeat the Corruptor boss. After that task, return to the Eternal Empress and make your choice.

First option: You did not open the Ornate Lockbox

  • Reward: Choose to give it to the Empress to obtain the Red Doe Sigil.
  • Effect: Increase relic healing effectiveness by 30%; the effect is doubled when your health is below 50%.

Second option: You opened the Ornate Lockbox

  • Reward: Opening the box gives you the Thaen Seed, which you can hand over to the Empress. Because you were too curious for your own good, she’ll give you the Burden of the Rebel.
  • Effect: Reduces skill cooldowns by 15%, but also slows down relic use speed by 25%.

Third option: You opened the Ornate Lockbox, but you did not give the Thaen Seed to the Empress

  • Reward: Alternatively, you can keep the Thaen Seed for yourself. Just pick a different option instead of handing it over.
  • Effect: You can plant the Thaen Seed to acquire a consumable that has infinite uses. I discuss the details further in our Thaen Seed guide.

And that answers the question of whether you should open the Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that beating the Corruptor boss and telling the Empress about it yields the Seal of the Empress. This leads to a hidden weapon called the Ford’s Scattergun which, surprisingly, is a requirement for the secret Archon class. For other tips and strategies, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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