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Remnant 2: The Best Starting Long Guns Ranked

The right starting Long Gun primary weapon can make Remnant 2 a (relative) breeze. Here are our picks fo the best of them.

The Long Gun primary weapon you choose can define not only your first few hours in Gunfire Games’ action RPG but your entire first playthrough. You get one by default from your starting class, but there’s no saying you can’t buy another as soon as you have the Scrap. Depending on which Archetype you choose, you might be hamstrung by your primary before you even step outside of Ward 13. We’ll go over the best starting Long Guns in Remnant 2.

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The Best Starting Long Guns in Remnant 2 Ranked

Here’s a quick glance of the best starting Long Guns in Remnant 2:

Which starting Long Gun you choose ultimately depends on the build you want to create and your starting Archetype. If you’re playing Gunglinger and want raw damage output, you’ll make one choice, but if you’re going for elemental damage and status buildup, you’ll want another. All of them cost 1,000 Scrap or so to buy from Brabus at Ward 13, so you’ll need to choose wisely. But there’s one weapon that’s by far the best for almost any situation.

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Blackmaw AR-47

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My first playthrough was with Gunslinger, and while I started with a lever-action rifle, after switching to the Blackmaw, my whole outlook changed. A 38-round magazine, solid starting damage and range, good accuracy even at longer ranges, and an all-around great feeling to use — this gun has it all. It’s also usable for both raw damage and status builds. Because status buildup occurs per shot, you can easily activate whatever your currently equipped mod applies. The same is true for pumping your physical damage.

With the Gunlinger’s kit, I was able to average around 600 DPS (measured on the firing range) with only moderate upgrades, and that number jumped further if I added any kind of elemental/status effects. The Blackmaw’s fast fire rate also makes recharging Relics a simple matter, as I could almost always have at least a single charge of Healing Shot ready in case things got hairy. The Blackmaw’s only real weakness is its relatively slow reload for a magazine-fed firearm, and if you mistime a roll reload, you’ll be caught doing the whole thing again.

Wrangler 1860

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The Gunslinger’s starting Long Gun and a weak point damage monster, the Wrangler 1860 is a solid choice if you prefer the satisfaction of the lever-action firing mode and the ability to deal much more damage per shot than most any of the other starting Long Guns in the game. The Wrangler’s reload speed isn’t too long either, and you can cancel it by aiming if you don’t mind having fewer shots before you need to top up again. The feel of the weapon combined with its higher weak point damage makes it almost too good to pass up sometimes.

The main problem with the Wrangler 1860 is its limited magazine size and lower status buildup. Where the Blackmaw can suffer for lack of per-shot damage but makes up for it through output, the Wrangler can easily fall prey to running completely dry long before a boss or swarm of enemies let up. The weapon’s low reserves can also cause issues, even with the Gunslinger’s Ammo Reserves trait. With only 50 rounds in your back pocket by default, maining the Wrangler all but necessitates having an Ammo Box or two handy in the likely event you run out of bullets.

XMG-57 “Bonesaw”

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If you absolutely, positively must deal as many status effects as possible early on in Remnant 2, accept no substitute than the XMG-57. It comes with 150 rounds in its box magazine, with an additional 150 in reserve. Its base damage is underwhelming, but individual shots hardly count when you can fire for 10 full seconds without letting go of the trigger. It’s all about that buildup. Plus, it’s just fun to put as many bullets down range as possible without stopping, and in some of Remnant 2‘s boss fights, the XMG-57’s volume of fire can come in very clutch.

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To counter the XMG-57’s biggest strength, Gunfire Games gave it an overheat gauge, and if you fire the weapon for too long, the thing shuts down for a good five seconds while the barrel cools. You can mitigate this issue by only firing in 20 or 30-round bursts with about a half-second between them. You won’t put quite as many bullets into your enemy’s weak points, but more than enough to activate any status ailment and keep it up.

And those are our best starting Long Guns in Remnant 2. You’re liable to find something better if you do a lot of exploring or have another build idea than those we’ve alluded to here, but the Blackmaw was my go-to for twenty solid hours and carried my sorry hide through to the final boss and beyond. If you’re looking for more content on Remnant 2, check out our guides on how to get Simulacrum, how to get the Carnage in C Minor achievement, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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