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Remnant 2: What’s Max Level? Trait Point Cap Explained

Max level and the Trait Point cap are two important values in Remnant 2. Find out all about them here.

Wondering what’s max level in Remnant 2? We’re here to explain the Trait Point cap. The systems are somewhat intertwined in that both are hard limits on how powerful you can become through character experience alone. Once you reach either, neither your class nor your Traits can provide you with any additional power increases. However, you can respec to try out new builds if you choose. We’ll explain both the max level and the trait point cap in this guide to Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2: What’s Max Level? Trait Point Cap Explained

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Max level in Remnant 2 is 20. The Trait Point cap is 60.

  • The max level cap is split across your two archetypes. You can’t equip more than two archetypes; they can’t go higher than Level 10 a piece. The Trait Point cap takes a little more unpacking.

You can only put 10 points total in a Trait. Thankfully, starting Traits and the base Archetype Traits you get simply by equipping them don’t count. You can only add 60 additional points to those you pick up from bosses, etc. You can equip Archetype traits to other Archetype combinations once the original one reaches Level 10, so with those accounted for, there are 32 total Traits in Remnant 2.

In other words, you can’t max out every Trait in the game and will need to choose to level either six of them completely or, more likely, spread them out across around 10 or so as their bonuses work with your build. If you don’t like how your build is working out, you can always respec, which you can do by purchasing an Orb of Undoing from Wallace for 3 Lumenite Crystal and 2,500 Scrap (please forgive my poverty in the screenshot. Lots of upgrading).

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Using the Orb refunds all spent Trait Points, letting your start from square one. Your Archetype points will remain intact. Only what you actually spend the points on will be refunded.

There’s not much more to explain about the max level and Trait Point cap in Remnant 2. You might hit the limits on both relatively quickly depending on how many Tomes of Knowledge you find and how much farming you do. If you’re looking for more on how to build certain Archetypes, we have guides on the Gunslinger and Medic, among others, in our R2 guides hub.

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