Remnant 2: Where to Use Decorum Cipher

Acquire the Decorum Cipher and use it to get a reward in Remnant 2.

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Wondering about where to use the Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher? We’ve got the answer right here. Our guide discusses the Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher location, the exact place where you’d be able to use it, and the reward that you can obtain.

Where to Use the Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2

The Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher is used on a console in the Custodian’s tower in N’erud. Due to dynamic campaign progression, your main quest objectives and locations might be different. In my case, the main quest I got in N’erud was for the Seeker’s Keys. The overworld area was called the Phantom Wasteland, and the Custodian’s chamber was called the Ascension Spire.

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Where to Find the Decorum Cipher

I found the Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher in Nerud’s Terminus Station dungeon. This is usually in the second overworld area (i.e., I got Timeless Horizon). Inside the dungeon, I made my way to the underbelly of the facility, which also led to the train event.

To complete it, you’ll need to defeat all enemies in multiple train cars within seven minutes. You’ll want to bring decent weapons for this fight due to so many foes. I also suggest unlocking the Engineer class if you haven’t yet, since it lets you deploy turrets that can mow down your opponents.

Once you’re done with the event, you’ll be able to tag a checkpoint. Climb to the top of the room, then jump to the roof of the train. Drop back down to pick up the Atom Smasher weapon and the Decorum Cipher quest item.

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Where to Find the Custodian’s Console

Now, it’s time to use the Decorum Cipher. Return to the Custodian’s tower (i.e., Ascension Spire). Look to your left, and you’ll see a hole.

Jump down to find the Drzyr Replicator, a machine that lets you craft various goodies, such as rings, weapons, and amulets. The goal, however, is to check the room to the right. There, you’ll find a console.

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Reward: Core Booster Amulet

Insert the Decorum Cipher in the console slot to complete this quest, which rewards 110 Scrap. Moreover, you’ll notice that the adjacent room is now unlocked.

Inside, you’ll find the Core Booster amulet. When equipped, you gain +50% weak spot damage for 10 seconds after killing an enemy. This makes it a viable option in instances when you have to battle numerous hostiles.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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