Reverse 1999: Examination Guide

Here's a cheat sheet to pass the examinations in Reverse 1999!

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There are three exams that will put your skills to the test, seeing how well you can adapt to things like targeting, visionary insights, and more in Reverse 1999. These are some of the hardest battles, but we’ll show you how to complete all of the exams in this guide.

How to Complete All Exams in Reverse 1999

How to Ace the Targeting Exam

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The first exam you’ll have to complete in Reverse 1999 is the Targeting Exam. This will test your skills to see if you’ve mastered targeting. The main goal during this battle is to focus on the enemies that will attack you first. You can tell which enemy will attack you when the sword card appears above them. You’ll have to change the target multiple times, attacking each enemy in a single round. I suggest focusing on attacks that hit multiple enemies at once. 

How to Play a Waiting Game 

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The second Reverse 1999 exam is Play a Waiting Game. Similar to the previous test, focus on attacking enemies that will attack first. What makes this battle different is that the enemies will attack a different character every time. After the first round, your party will be very low on health, so you’ll want to focus on healing and attacking at the same time to pass this exam. 

How to Pass Visionary Insights 

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The final exam is Visionary Insights. This will test your skills when dealing with two strong enemies at once. You’ll have to focus on using your Support character to add buffs and debuffs to deal more damage and reduce the damage you take. Just like the previous tests, you’ll still want to focus on the enemy that will attack you first and heal when your crew is low on HP. 

That’s how to complete all of the exams in Reverse 1999. For more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub, where you’ll find articles on the best lineups, our best characters tier list, and a collection of codes you can redeem for freebies.

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