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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get From All Angles Gold Rank

Turret defense mode activated! Let's see how to get From All Angles gold rank in RoR Returns.

If you’re having difficulties in this turret defense-inspired Providence Trial for the Engineer, we have some potentially helpful tips for you. Here’s how to get From All Angles gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How to Get From All Angles Gold Rank in Risk of Rain Returns

While the Trial warns you that you’ll fail if one of your turrets dies, you can die just as easily. That’s why the proper balance between your turrets tanking and replacing them is so important. Furthermore, while your first instinct might be to just hole up in a corner, this is an easy way to get overwhelmed. In this guide, we’re aiming for the gold rank so here’s what I found works best.

First off, note that the items you pick up only affect the turrets you place after picking up that item. Therefore, you should first pick up the ukulele or the missiles and then place your turrets. Second, I recommend climbing the center platform where items spawn and placing turrets on the left and right of the platform.

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You should also place your new knockback mines below your two turrets and save future mines for this exact purpose. Don’t place them randomly. As for items, diversify your pick-ups at the beginning and focus on offensive ones since your turrets will absorb hits for you. Remember to replace your turrets after you pick up items after each wave so that they’ll benefit from the new ones

From here, just focus your grenades on the side where your turret is taking the most damage to take the pressure off of them. Remember to replace a turret as it gets low to avoid automatically losing. Furthermore, I found great success with shooting Engi’s utility skill right before mobs spawn. This is because they’ll instakill one of the ranged-attacking flower enemies. 

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Simply keep up this routine, keep moving and shooting, and you’ll reach that 100-kill count in no time for the gold rank and new knockback mines skill. I hope this guide on how to get From All Angles gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns was useful to you. Check out our RoR Returns guide page for more tips like how to beat Providence while backflipping.

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